yo sibs: eye have hemochromatosis diagnosed in 2010. My doctor then told me to alert each of u since my hemochromatosis is traced to Bill and Martha. I green zoned by reducing high-fiber iron fortified cereal and resuming discipline of blood donations. My regular blood donation continued, but the fiber returned to my diet thoughtlessly. Now more than a decade later a new state (Doc was in NYC now NJ) (NYC was a man NJ primary care is a woman) she sent me to a specialist (this doc a man) he has me doing a more disciplined version of what eye did in 2010. Tho eye think I alerted each of u per doctor’s orders in 2010 eye’d not b shocked if eye 4got . . . tho now I feel eye understand the importance. IOW in 2010 giving blood, diet change, recheck and a green light from the man doc in NYC was fast and ez, so eye . . well eye might not have tld u bc it seemed like no nbd. Today it’s seems like a health risk that should not b ignored. Descendants of Bill and Martha should know. Simply, each of us should b aware if the iron number in our laboratory blood test is high, and if so follow up should include the genetic test. Also, news to me is the iron test at blood donation screening, which triggers a donation denial if too high. This screening test is not sensitive enough, so my zero reject rate at blood banks gave me a false sense of security. luv fr NJ2CO2CO2OH2WI Tom Tee Tommy

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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