my wife y yo r separated w rules tracking ¿Hopefully? 2 make r September Iberian Península vaca feel like a vacation . . 2day is day2 of separation and here r the rules: ONE: communicate only via whatsapp TWO: no kiss no greeting no gb THREE: eye sleep on a cot in the common space . . r tennant does not know this yet . . and her discovery will prob come in the AM when she lv s w me sleeping in the cocina . . tho sex is unlikely it’s not a violation of the rules . . por supuesto . . . this separation started w me in crisis, which is a New York story . . like the bus loads of asylum seeker sent 2NYC by the TX governor . . . eye2 went2NYC in crisis . . and . . . por supuesto . . Times Square . . the sq was not my destination . . it just happened . . then tried2buy a cot . . ebay and army Navy . . scored sort of in itself the cot is a story of trauma adding 2my crisis . . then Trader Joe’s a gallon H2O and burritos and habanero picante beer. . and JFK por supuesto . . . my calculations validated . . . legit ppl r handing around JFK especially terminal 4 . . arrivals and departures every hour through the darkest of night . . may b 2hours of rest btw four and six on my yoga block . . and . . . back 2Midtown bought my cot and home 4rest . . there is something wrong w . . . man flees home having marital discord and spends the night in a hotel especially wrong if it’s a luxury hotel . . man must downgrade accomodations if he’s 2upgrade emotionally . . . if man rebounds in a lux hotel then the rebound might b credited 2the lux and not the man’s internal mental and emotional processes . . . mid day2 seems eye have domestic agreement on r separation and eye’m optimistic again abt the Iberian vaca . .


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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3 Responses to separated

  1. ErikaM says:

    Sorry Tom. Hope it all works out.


  2. Erika M says:

    Sorry Tom. I hope everything works out for you and Hana.


    • Tom Doody says:

      r decade and a half marriage cohabitate w only a couple of weeks apart . . share 1 single bed . . . joint finances . . . vacations 2gether . . there’s much room4declined b4 divorce . . Whatsapp only this wk seems good especially 2day . . . grazie Erika


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