Shannon Grissom (Shannon Cordone Grissom) wished me happy birthday in January just after Todd, and she’s the 1st birthday wisher who does not trace 2 my childhood . . this txt keeps w my pledge to pause and spend a few moments learning refreshing on the ppl who wished me happy birthday, and Shannon is the best x ample so far that says . . Sharron wanted my birthday 2b happy yet . . who is ¿Shannon? . . . Shannon lives in Fresno California the wonderful HQ of the raisin industry and the home of the California Raisins eye have fond memories of Fresno when eye toured a raisin boxing plant, yes this plant put raisons in those tiny red boxes and eye think one must have an USA childhood in the Seventies or b4 2fknow wat they r . . wondering wat those boxing plants r doing 2day . . . at the time they were on the cutting edge of keeping metal out of packaged raisins . . . hunters would shoot in vineyards and their shot that did not kill a bird wud often, really often. . . . the shot would come 2rest in a raisin ripening on the vine . . and w the help of tech and the highly competent raisin boxing pros . . the metal shot’s trip to a consumers mouth wud get cut short in the boxing plant . . eye’m sure eye did not meet Shannon then or on several of my passes from N CA to S CA . . . Shannon does not let her fb amigos and fb amigas show, so common friends that often provides clues . doesn’t . . Shannon is married as am eye so this is not . . . a hookup attempt at least not 1w a likelihood of a score so . . . Shannon is a nice person who felt happy w my birthday b ing happier . . . it was and eye’m glad she wished me a happy birthday . . Dear Shannon: from NJ2CA thank you 4 the happy wish on my birthday . . it was happy and my pledge that’s morphed in2a Friday AM practice b4 eye go2NYC to deliver food via share bicycle . . this pause b4 riding a bicycle on the icy streets of NYC feels good invested in u grazie ciao Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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