YouTube Great Art Explained explains David, and there’s much I did not know: ONE: Michelangelo’s David is large TWO: David is the Biblical David and Goliath THREE: nearly all other artists made David at the point of victory over the giant, but Michelangelo made David prior to the battle characterizing David as an intelectual not a warrior FOUR: Da Vinci gets a cameo mention in the vid, and it seems Da Vinci and Michelangelo were active artist same time same place and at least Da Vinci saw Michelangelo as a competitor. Another art youtube I watch describes the transition to modern art where artists transitioned from painting what was important to others, and began to paint what was important to the artist. Michelangelo by this standard was not modern creating art for the church and not because David was important to him, but that’s oversimplified. Michelangelo honored his commission yet he put his own interpretation into his David making the work feel modern and the artist feel modern. My interest in church art is light, but I linger in church museum collections. I find I linger longer in modern. Now I hunger to view David.

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given the opportunity 1on1 with the fathers of my late parents grandchildren they’ll hear fr me (especially the married-in 1es, self evident w born-in 1es) each of them will have my support till death, if they find themselves rift w my sisters, rift w their wives/exes or rift w their kids eye will take their side . . . overly-idealized thinking says: "eye don’t have2take a side", but eye lost idealism on this taking-sides fantasy . . wat will not happen to them is wat happened2the exes of my two sisters those fathers were passively shunned . . .

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Spanish self study

warning txt contains English slang the following txt is the product of my Spanish self study eye listened to CNN 5 cosas 6PM podcast 0.8 speed w split screen for rapid precise audio control and gboard for as-eye-swipe spelling correction the gaps represent words eye did not transcribe bc high degree of difficulty eye g gave special effort 2 Simone Biles quits COSAS TRES

desde Atlanta

estado unidos
Presidente Joe Biden

estados unidos
Arkansas Mississippi Alabama Florida

Simone Biles
se retiró
eventos gimnasia
nació por
equipos de Tokyo
dos mil veinte por razones
salute mental
cuatro veces campeona
explico que tiene

su mentas

su cuerpo
agrego que

muchos tres

salud mental

Biles dijo

más atletas
son sus manos
las atletas
equipo olímpicos
gimnasia feminina
estados unidos



diarios covid-19
abril dos mil veinte

wu Tang
matzo dos mil veintiocho

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newest org

amigos: in less than two weeks since eye got the payment for a AZCC.gov license eye license the new org, got EIN IRS assigned, got a bank account, created paypal, denied w Stripe, denied w Square, and eye’m getting gentle blow back that eye’m not moving fast enough . . . b sure if u sense eye’m 2slow break w me plz . . . eye’m turning my attn to 2checkout now at a rate inline w what eye’ve done2date . . . Zelle, Venmo, Cashapp, checks in the mail, paypal, checks at any bankofamerica teller are established methods 2accept USD now w 2checkout to follow . . do ing the best eye can ur amigo Tomás

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Alaska swimming gold

insiders like KT r probably not surprised but ¿Me? a casual spectator did not x pect ¿Alaska? swimming 120 breast gold brava Lydia Jacoby

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eye read my prep-school amigos r raging abt Cleveland Guardians new name one says boycott and the other says "fuck the woke" eye think of Caitlyn Jenner’s mom and dad at this moment and fatherhood in general . . as parents Mr and Mrs. .Jenner named Bruce and at least the mom witnessed him declare "Caitlyn is my name". She seem to realize this baby named Bruce was an adult w the authority to change his/her name and . . . humility had her navigate a healthy choice "Boycott" is a good choice at this moment w out "Boycott till death" which would be an overly limiting choice personally eye know none of the people who chose the predecesor name to Guardians, and eye trust the century run was longer than they wud have predicted . . eye named my first born, David, and he died b4 reaching two decades . . a century w a goofy feather adorned cartoon character was prob longer then the creators ever imagined.

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sports notifications

This post will attempt to get my readers to decide if they have the digital hygiene to make Olympic notifications worth the effort. Dear kind readers: Please, I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor . . consider: ONE: can you learn how to ¿Turn off? notifications for unwanted apps TWO: can you learn how to clear your notifications . . note: notifications are now items, so a user must keep up with notifications, so fresh and stale notifications don’t mix Sincerely, Tom Doody. Sports notifications are great trying to follow sports, and especially trying to follow far-away events, and especially complicated things like tournaments and the Olympics. Regular season events are easier to follow, and notifications are not that helpful, because games happen according to a schedule. To date I’ve used apps effectively: Score, sports notifications, Roland Garros, and for the Olympics NBC Sports is functioning. I tested the IOC app, and Score with the Tokyo Olympics, and settled on the NBC Sports app. Dear kind readers: If you think you lack the tech skills or the patience to accomplish effective sports notifications you may only be correct that you lack the patience, and I promise you have the tech skills. You are reading this text in English, which means you have the minimum skill. Sincerely, Tom Doody

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Mumbai flood

Ulhas River flows to the Indian Ocean north of Mumbai, and it’s got google-map red flags indicating flood. Two of my Indian business partners who hookup up with me this year have addresses near and between a couple of the google-flood marks. I’ve heard from them since the flood made headlines, but I’m still concerned. It’s not the most fragile startup in my Indian business history, but it’s close. I’ll close the org’s bank account this Friday if it doesn’t get positive, which other Indian partners hate, because there’s a sense they’re retreating. Closing the bank account before more fees send the balance further negative positions the org for another startup attempt. This org has the potential to be part of the area’s flood recovery, and recovery from the Pandemic. The odds have been stacked against this org, and to be part of it’s success under these circumstances would feel great.

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ripped pants

I have a simple solution to my ripped pants abused delicate wool fashionable dress pants made to look like golf knickers and abused by NYC bicycle feeding hungry New Yorquiños deliveries. It was a funny moment at cramped Target Herald Square self checkout when the customer next to me revealed discretely the rip in my pants. "Are you gay? I asked and "yes". was his answer. Funny moment and Alex in my barrio repaired the pants I’m wearing now. Five decades of regular bicycle riding, and I never thought of abuse to my pants only focused on the abuse of my ass. Whala an ahaa moment . . delivered by an ebay seller this week two pairs of satin PJ shorts. Dear kind readers: Please consider my visualization exercise. Consider the abuse to a lighted cigarette when a smoker rubs it out between his or her shoe and concrete. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The cigarette is extinguished and experiences catastrophic failure. The weight of the smoker’s body and the grinding motion of two counter-moving surfaces extinguishes and destroyed the cigarette. I finally considered my HMI interface from the perspective of my pants with my ass secondary.

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passport photo

dear kind person at help: my most recent rejection was to move closer to the lens, but eye was at 40 cm as specified, so . . so . . so . . eye repeated the 40 cm and attached 2more closer and closest . . eye’ll stay w this if u do . . . Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

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