middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Writing is difficult lately. All my personal stuff feels trivial but but but my trivial personal stuff is what’s been on this blog for decades. ONE: SEO backlinks I passed the fiverr SEO prerequisite test, so now I’m listed as an SEO backlink provider. TWO: one of my Indian businesses had it’s only checking account closed by bankofamerica security leaving me sure I knew why, and what to do about it . . . over weeks my conclusions and correction plans change again and again making me realize I’m lost. My latest plan is to try to open an second account of my star Indian business stable with a current high balance. Three months of statements will show income is from many clients, no chargebacks, steady income, and months with no days of low balances. If the closed account that set me into a series of emotional crises is the problem, then my star org will be approved without me having reason to feel hassled. If the trouble is me, then I’ll know if the not-bankofamerica bank swats me and my star org away just like several banks have done with my floating no-bank-account business. THREE: my DR amigo, Hector, sent me a pic of mechanical farming in DR. The way the pic came to me today was nice, because I did not know Hector was in his home country, and I had to zoom the pic to find a tropical plant in the green border around the turned-up dirt. Yes, was his reply to: “r u in DR”. After discing the DR farmers will plant yuca, and I eat DR yuca often . . like today (oops I meant yuca, but today’s panic at the shelf put my hand on plantain chips). In the US urban people like me are divided with farmers. I have a childhood memory of a teammate saying with contempt about the opponent, “they’re farmers”. The moment did not sit well with me. I was a suburb kid, and my bicycle rides took me to through farms, and my University degree from an Agriculture school reinforced my agreeable opinion of farmers . . . agreeable, but . . . today we’re divided. FOUR: I bury the point here, because it’s insignificant compared to the total problem with policing. In Virginia months ago a cop pepper sprayed an army lieutenant who was afraid to get out of his car. The same people with the authority to fire the cop knew about the vid months ago, but only fired him after it was public, and the vid was only public, because the Army Lieutenant sued the police department. ¿Transparency? no ¿Accountability? only if forced. »» about me 302-990-2346

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Tony Montana

this vid is an auto-curated Hana iphone creation . . the iphone feature w out Hana’s prompting takes pics from her phone and as Tony Montana said, “put this thing 2gether” fresh on my youtube channel

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Ecuador luv

the bio dad denies his daughter is his

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Ecuador luv

amiga: ur story u tld Hana y yo yesterday has been part of r marital conversation since and on my mind now . . . Ecuador’s law that obligates any1related2a dead-beat dad to pay child support and in ur person’s case the daughter of the dead dead-beat dad she OMG finds WAT mom my dad is not my dad . . and WAT u want2introduce me 2my ¿Bio dad? loca loco story . . interested in hearing more as new chapters publish

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eye’ve asked hundreds of mexicans in my barrio where they’re fr and 2date no body said Veracruz . . . a restaurant named Veracruz made the cake 4a birthday party at the Diario pool 2 day and eye know fr my deliveries the restaurant is killin’ it ¿Que pasa? why name a restaurant Veracruz when no body is fr Veracruz may b Veracruz is Mexican-famous 4 food

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Hana y yo visited Dick (Richard) DeKorte park yesterday millions of ppl have . . . . Lincoln Tunnel, Newark Airport EWR, or any trip on the New Jersey Turnpike NBA or NFL games in New Jersey Meadowlands . . millions of people share 1of these x periences . . . drive alone looking at visually unattractive landscape and and and then there’s a green spot . . . but not just a green spot a 1ce delicate meadow with tall meadow grass . . . if u cud imagine b4 the roads, trains and concrete when the Native Tribes ruled, then . . . Hana’s pics capture some of wat was destroyed by a half millenium of ¿Progress?

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The reporting/editorial text I’ve read from @AndrewCMcCarthy is the best Chauvin case reading I’ve found. First, what I don’t like is the multiple voice near-argumentative news programs like CNN or FOX. One of these types of programs said, “for the prosecution to win their case”. This: “win case” talk is pervasive, and unless a program is willing to talk charge by charge, then I try to stay away. @AndrewCMcCarthy writes detailed analysis, and he seems to be watching everything. @AndrewCMcCarthy also described some points won by the defense, which were omitted in other media. All this preamble for one point. @AndrewCMcCarthy believes the prosecution has made its case that George Floyd’s death was caused by Chauvin, and not by drugs or George’s pre-existing medical. I have reached the same conclusion, so as @AndrewCMcCarthy says now its time for the prosecution to show Chauvin’s intent to kill George Floyd. »» about me 302-990-2346

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Richard W. DeKorte Park

after half a millennium of humans destroying the 1ce bonita Hackensack River meadowlands . . . the meadowlands lives relegated 2a postage-stamp sized park . . . Richard W. DeKorte Park omw w HanaMjmDd in a few hours

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GA voting

TLDR News UK fresh youtube covers GA voter legislative change . . while eye’ve flip flopped eye’m now convinced it’s a legislative move against open voting including some management decisions that hands too much power2the party in power . . Dems shud stop fighting the bill and get busy teaching Atlanta ppl to get and use IDs properly

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George and George

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« As George clooney suggested Derek Chauvin do I have a fresh vid on my youtube channel of me simulating George Floyd 00:09:23 cuffed. I have no knee on my neck, and my wrists are together as if I were cuffed, but my hands are not bound. I also watched a George Floyd body-cam vid, and I took notes with times:

00:00:00 ground

00:00:11 can’t breath

00:03:36 less struggle

00:04:34 roll him on

00:04:57 still struggle quieter

00:05:11 body language face

00:05:28 not resisting arrest

00:06:41 check his pulse

00:08:30 EMT in view

00:09:29 off »» about me 302-990-2346

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