Charles e Scott

wud b happy 2 hear from the former bankofamerica Bryant park banker

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I think Dad . . .

I think Dad should drink more

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kind Canadians

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear kind person at Nuvei: You Canadians above all know the Americans in your merchant-processing industry are responsible for soiling your industry’s reputation. Strangely I have transaction and monthly fees taken by your company, and failed promises made by your company that indicates Nuvei, the polite French-speaking merchant-processing pros, add to the stained reputation. Here’s the calculation for August: ((5,135.46+2,529.30+82.07)-(4,959.81+2,455.39))/(5,135.46+2,529.30+82.07) x 100 = 4.28%. We work hard for the company’s earnings, and just for processing the payments of two clients your company claims you’re entitled to more than four percent of our earnings just for getting the money from our client to us. US prisons are filled with minor-drug offenders, because they broke the law, and are declared criminals. I believe your company has broken no law, but I still believe what you are doing should be declared criminal, because it is worse than a minor drug offense. I called (877) 772-3346 from 13029902346 today and spoke to Gene, and I said what I’ll repeat here. With the company’s CEO approval (not yet acquired) I will open a second bank account on Monday not before one PM. The balance will move to the new account, and after a transition period and new checks the account Nuvei is currently taking from will be closed. Gene wanted to get me on the phone with proper authority today, but I declined. I was so angry I did not trust myself to not use the fuck word, and I did not trust myself to keep a polite volume. As I told Gene if Nuvei wants to save our account it’s not too late. The opening of the second account will be too late. I can be reached at: 13029902346. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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Adam’s client

the following txt is spontaneous btw me and1of Adam’s clients . . Adam’s reply2me: “perfect”

amigo: Adam has ur MCM doc and promises a settlement with the company at least as good prob better than the offer presented2u

ur payments r current and ur on track2graduation

u want good credit again and since ur young enough either bankrupcy or Adam’s program followed by proper use of credit will get u btr even x cellent credit

Adam’s program will get you good credit faster than bankruptcy

prob the best part of Adam’s program is that no body does it twice, which not true4bankrupcy — many ppl have multiple bankruptcies — u found a good company w Adam and his amigos u make ur payments at or close2schedule and u’ll graduate on ur way2x cellent credit nvr2repeat ur hardship involving credit again ciao Tomas

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Joe Heller 1964 – 2001

It was fifteen years after Joe died, and I made a chance visit to the new 911 memorial NYC and I posted a tribute. Yesterday, 11September2019, a stranger to me, Dee Dee, found my post and commented. This event is intended to do annually what Dee Dee did yesterday, which is let fb remind me.

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Mediterranean olive trees

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I am partially and probably temporarily influenced by Erika’s recent comment, “make it easier for your readers”. My shin wounds post is a product of a reality of being an aging middle-aged man. As I worked as a Lime Juicer I was relocating electro scooters in Hoboken, and as a novice the scooters repeatedly collided with my shins. Dear kind readers: If you can’t imagine this workplace hazard it’s probably because you’re familiar with scooters and not electro scooters. An electro scooter has internal batteries included in the scooters forty pounds, and the scooters swing, move, and hit shins of people who are novice Juices. The risk exists for riders, but it much higher for Juicers. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The wounds on my shin were minor, but none of them healed quickly leaving an accumulated signal something wasn’t right. Shaving a small patch of skin, a little olive oil, a bandaid and a few days — whala. With my worsts wound healed and only several minor wounds remaining I put it behind me until — I saw and old skinny man about two decades my senior with shins the seem to have an accumulation of a decade of minor injuries — OMG that can’t be me. These minor injuries heal without attention on a younger man, but a man my age needs a little TLC, J&J, and fine oil from Mediterranean olive trees. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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boyhood harassment

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Boys who remain friends through puberty and into their middle-ages often have ongoing mutual harassment. Mutual harassment between friends is good, but in short supply, in part because people like me have navigated away from their boy-age amigos, and in part, because people like Trump prohibit criticism. Whether passively like me or actively like Trump middle-age men do too little harassment of their amigos. We’re too polite to one another. All this preamble for one point: if I detect injuries on the shins of any of my boyhood friends that could have easily been healed with first aid, but I see evidence the wounds are months or years old . . . . Dear kind middle-aged men who were boy-age friends with me. With this text I promise to harass you if I see injury to your shins that could have, but wasn’t, healed with first aid. Sincerely, Tom Doody. »» about me 302-990-2346 contact us

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