2day’s gun rulling

tho eye hate the unjustified killing w guns eye think eye wud have voted w the majority on 2day’s ruling . . their job is 2judge the constitution and NY’s law and a similar law in my state and a hand full of other states r a century old and . . . the law was vulnerable . . can’t seem 2 ez ly find how soon 2day’s changes will take effect in my state . . but . . from a friend who considered applying she decided it was impossible . . . and 2day she holds the NJ application incomplete . . 2day’s rulling flips the “impossible” to the other side . . once the change takes effect it’s impossible 2deny my friend a gun

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USSC guns 4all

everybody has right 2 carry a gun

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NHL ice hockey Colorado 3 Florida 1

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coco frio

vid fr2day New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel w my wife Hana . . . posted Facebook

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┬┐Aquitted? yo no creo

Danielle Redlick was acquitted of murdering her husband . . there was a history of IPV and Danielle claimed she killed Mike in self defense . . . headlines wud say there is no way she was acquitted but pero but . . the headlines sourced the stupid things Danielle did after she killed Mike . . OMG why was she acquitted . . why was a jury persuaded . . . the answer that satisfies my curiosity can b found on Law and Crime youtube . . Danielle’s story was told calmly 2yrs after Mike’s death in a way that reconciled w evidence and in a way that said to the jury Danielle was telling the truth and Danielle was credible . . the 00.54.00 kept my attn w Hana, my wife . . the questions were softball questions from her own lawyer, but eye don’t need2c the cross x amination . . Danielle was credible and the jury b lieved her.

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Anne Frank reincarnated

dear kind readers: Erika commented on a post where eye disclosed marriage problems. She has read my blog and commented periodically for more than a half decade. Sincerely, Tom Doody . . by this time nothing eye write shud shock Erika but pero but . . . it seems this did . . it’s as if Erika feels the pain of key relationships in my life trashed thru my 1st marriage . . and . . . it’s almost 2say . . he’s do ing it again . . like a kid pulled from a frozen lake only 2x plore thin ice the nxt winter . . eye think this captures Erika’s sentiment . . so moving on 2 more factual matter of my post and Erika’s reply . . eye say "marriage trouble" and Erika say’s "no body shud voluntarily disclose marriage trouble". Johnny and Amber just finished a six week trial where each of them were trying to downplay their sins and upplay their exe’s sins . . they lost control of the narrative . . as eye write eye know my text will b open and eye write w this in mind . . each time some1 is outraged by an email hack that’s public or Johnny facing his text threatening 2kill Amber and burn her body . . my reaction: eye write a lot and sometimes eye don’t recognize my txt so in separate context eye know it’s not good, but at least eye know my state of mind was open 2others reading as eye wrote . . so eye feel a margin of safety . . Anne Franke’s surviving dad now deceased is said to have withheld some of Anne’s diary bc she wrote about sexual desire . . Anne wrote of her attraction 2a boy in the family they were trapped w . . this was Anne’s diary . . nvr written w the idea it wud b public . . if Anne came back to life . . . she’d probably b horrified . . . reading thru her own writing hunting for other text made public as she was murdered by the Nazi’s . . omg Anne might say . . the panic that accompanies unintentional disclosure is a panic eye don’t fear.

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eye’m sitting w Hana after dinner . . Hana made pesto w pesto from an friend’s garden . . we’re legally married . . we cohabitate . . we have plans2grow old 2gwether . . these r the 3basic functions of a marriage . . it’s also best2assume couples r sexually active . . . recently eye disclosed marriage troubles . . and Erika commented . . perplexed . . as if eye were walking a tightrope w out tightrope walking x perience . . warning . . danger . . she seemed 2say . . first Erika is correct . . eye’m trashing another relationship in my life . . and omg . . second . . Erika is not correct . . eye chose this moment w Hana feet away fr me as an illustration how online disclosures don’t spill in2my life vis-a-vis . . Hana knows from the start meeting online even b4 we met vis-a-vis . . that this is how eye write . . and she has nvr or at least not yet concerned herself w my blog . . the risk of not disclosing . . it sealed the fate of couples like Bill and Melinda . . affairs and in hindsight wat looks like a dead marriage for more than a decade and secret . . . then everybody knew . . there was a Cleveland bank employee in the sixties who stole a lot of money and lived decades under a false identity . . long life w happiness and his secret did not eat him alive . . eye can’t handle secrecy . . 2me secrecy is cancer.

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bicycle NYC

eye’ll disclose now wat was not disclosed abt the motivation of my time in Philadelphia . . Hana, my wife, and eye r having marriage problems . . wat’s good about Philly is the time needed apart was productive and a warm reunion followed . . and . . Hana scheduled time in Europe w us vacationing 2gether but lv ing me out of the hometown trip in Como Italy . . a natural omission of me in Italy was mostly inspired by Hana’s childhood amiga not having time during r 2021 visit 2Como . . eye b lieve and Hana has been persuaded that this childhood amiga wud have had time 4Hana if Hana was not dragging along her not-Italian-speaking husband . . . eye have a practice of double posting in fb, but . . . uncomfortably fb has gotten 2much attn on my Philly posts . . . so this sensitive topic will b x clusive 2my blog . . on the brighter side w Hana and me . . . we have a long way 2deteriorate b4 marriage is no longer a marriage . . my home office work and Hana’s retirement has us 2gether . . happily . . sincerely happily . . . having fun w home functions like cooking and acquisition of groceries . . 2day we rode citibikes NYC share bicycles fr Columbus Cr 2 WTC Manhattan awesome . . . wat eye’ve seen gradually and not noteworthy was the x formation of Broadway in2 much more favorable pedestrian and bicycle passage . but . . . but pero but w Hana 2day eye forced myself 2c Broadway thru Hana’s eyes whose most recent navigation of this route was pre-pandemic . . NYC leveraged the pandemic 2btr pedestrian and bicycle access . . awesome . . . fun. Dear kind readers: eye saw media from credible urban planning professionals . . Times Square . . eight twenty . . 80:20 . . 80% of the area of Times Square was occupied by four-wheeled vehicles transporting only 20% of the ppl on Times Square . . 2day this ratio is flipped and altho . . . some cities have fucked up their move2predestirian bicycle transit . . NYC has reversed on none of its projects eye know of. . Sincerely, Tom Doody

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NBA basketball champs

Golden State Warriors NBA champions

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NBA basketball

NBA basketball finals game six now

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