dear kind person at zoiper: after considerable effort eye am not able to get my diamondcard.us account activated w Zoiper, my request to Zoiper directed me to diamondcard.us, and their information to register w Zoiper is clear and available on a website, but after following instructions of both Zoiper and diamondcard.us eye have no success . . can u ¿Help? sincerely, Tom Doody

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digital hygiene

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << I’m considering my citibike tech problem and my 129 NJT bus trip this AM to Uber in Secaucus digital hygiene. If I were homeless and obviously sleeping on the street I might get kicked out of cafes for poor hygiene, and if I did not take the citibike and uber time yesterday and today I’d have consequences. At Uber today I learned: ONE: I should have had an appointment, but the man telling me I needed an appointment answered my questions TWO: uber no longer lets me ubereats bike or walk delivery in two states. I’m required to pick a state iow I can’t deliver in NYC and Hoboken though a half decade ago I was allowed THREE: choosing vehicle status: walk, and bicycling is great bc the walk trips are short . . but it’s prohibited, and if detected the driver is warned, and if the violation continues . . . then DQed. I plan to continue the walk-bike trick, but I’ll go deliberately slow. I sense the industry is favoring hyperlocal, and I much prefer shorter trips. Por supuesto, the pay is better, and in addition it feels smarter. Taking chinese food from Union Square through Chinatown, to delivery in the Financial District is dumb, and it feels dumb. >> Tom Doody

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citibike Lyft reply

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << citibike Lyft >> Tom Doody

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citibike Lyft

902pacific is a citibike account w subscription, ride history, angel points key number …4503 my recovered account shows none of these ¿Help? Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

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Jermaine Vaughn

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << Replay and additional angles might reveal what I saw in the stomp kick of Jermaine Vaughn did not go exactly like this: Jermaine was on his back with hands cuffed behind his back, and I can say being in handcuffs in a police car is painful enough, and to have the full force of one’s body pressing on arms behind one’s back . . OMG the pain of this alone. In addition a cop put full force by raising his foot, and stomping on Jermaine’s face. The back of Jermaine’s head hit the pavement, which stopped the downward movement of the cop’s foot. There is a “system” that is designed to process arrested men and arrested women. The police are expected to apprehend, and hand the suspect to the “system”. The cop who did this to Jermaine committed a crime. The moment after the stomp kick does not match the “accident” the cop’s attorney claims happened. Anyone who claims police excessive use of force against black men is not systematic is wrong. The “bad apple” theory is insufficient. More must be done. The added effort by the police department to view the vid and make it public is a step in the right direction. We need more steps. >> Tom Doody

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Spanish self study

the following txt is the product of my Spanish self study eye listened to CNN 5 cosas de PM podcast 0.8 speed w split screen for rapid precise audio control and gboard for as-eye-swipe spelling correction the gaps represent words eye did not transcribe bc high degree of difficulty

Felipe desde Miami

COSAS UNO el presidente Vladimir Putin


que Rusia


gas natural en Europa

en una conferencia

miércoles en Moscú

Putin califico


políticamente en fundadas

sus comentarios

en un momento

que los




que su ministerio


en federal previsto

parcialmente responsable

de la crisis


forces de bloqueo

Rusia no está


arma dijo Putin


durante dos momentos



y su ministerio



personas murieron

capital Oslo

estados unidos

antes complemente

México y Canadá

principios de noviembre





una graves

ministerio de mundo



económico mundial

estados unidos dos mil veinte uno

fundó monetario international


actor William Shatner

El Capitan Kirk

blue origin Jeff Besos

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << I’ve been called a minimalist, but I don’t think it fits. With millions of people living in prison and temporary government camps I could be considered a maximalist. Post vacation brings domestic disturbance for Hana and me, and this time it’s my minimalism. If minimalism is the problem it’s also the solution, because I will move out into an attic, basement or other substandard housing, which is the kind of accommodation I can find in this barrio in a blink. I’m not living an instagram lie, and my life here on this blog will continue to represent me authentically. >> Tom Doody

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Florida’s Covid redemption

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel << Florida with all its sins favoring Covid is now nearly equal with New Jersey in new cases per day. >> Tom Doody

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The Shining

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Shelley Duvall was brilliant in The Shining, but this is not about Shelley. Buzz Feed has a six-month old vid about the story behind the shining including how Stephen King stayed at The Stanley in Estes Park Colorado, and how his frightening dream began his book. It was Kubrick’s goal to recreate The Stanley, but in time Kubrick’s movie has modified The Stanley. Like Manolo and Gina in Scarface and Shelley in The Shining some talent shines in movies that launch careers to the moon yet their own careers don’t hang in the minds of those they entertained. >>

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virtual office

amigo: the office in NJ u described for the purpose of presenting a legit business rather and a rented mailbox and me working from a home office . . Esperanza’s business is a prospect the only problem is she does not currently offer this type of service, so eye’d have2come2her with the concept and a researched market price . . . "virtual office" is the key word needed to find businesses that offer this type of service . . in most cases the virtual office business comes w permission to use the address as a business address and 2 receive mail . . so eye’ve . . . this project should be handed back to you . . u mentioned Katie as a person available 2do some work on this . . . a google search for "virtual office" near the Lincoln Tunnel is the first step . . she can call for quotes and u can look at the pics . . and then look at Esperanza’s and decide if u want to make Esperanza an offer . . or if u want to use a business already offering "virtual office" services

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