payment gateway answers

ONE QUESTION: 1. Please submit your product catalog; brochures; promotional materials; a current price list; and a copy of your service agreement with card holder if applicable. If on
the internet, please include screen-prints of your website address if your site is not yet active.


TWO QUESTION 2. If using the internet, list encryption method, vendor and controls used to secure transaction information

TWO ANSWER: I referred to the hosting company:, and I learned has an SSL certificate, and our vendor is Commodo

THREE QUESTION: 3. How will the product be advertised or promoted?

THREE ANSWER: the service will be promoted via internet marketing, including google my business at our place of business, and via print advertising.

FOUR QUESTION AND FOUR ANSWER 4. Billing Methods (Check All that Apply)

Monthly – __50__%

Yearly – __0__%

Quarterly – __0__%

One Time – _50___%

Hourly – __0__%

FIVE QUESTION 5. List the name(s) and address(es) of the vendor(s) from which supplies are purchased:
FIVE ANSWER: bankofamerica is our US bank account and SBI is our Indian bank account, and marketing services are purchased from google and other lead sources, tech-support pros hired, trained and services provided in Chennai all by one company (services are not subcontracted)

SIX QUESTION: 6. Who performs product/service fulfillment? If direct from vendor, please provide Vendor Name, address and phone number in full
SIX ANSWER: services are not subcontracted. The three Prefix Software Solutions LLC members Tom (me) Rakesh, and Kath are listed on the AZ business license. All company operations happen under these three partners.

SEVEN QUESTION: 7. Please describe how a sale takes place from beginning of order until completion of fulfillment

SEVEN ANSWER: techsupport is a broad topic, so I’ll choose an example, which is also our speciality: PRINTER. A person experiencing a printer problem might type, “won’t print” into google, and with our commercial promotion might be presented our website. If he or she chooses us, then they visit us electronically, via phone, or a visit to our business location. The whole sale and service beginning to end is accomplished with one or two people. Diagnosis is made, services are pitched, and if purchased work is completed. We are legit with an impressive list of recommendation letters, and high customer satisfaction.

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gunless Bronx terrorist

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« A documentary about Timothy McVeigh is on Netflix, and it describes how the late McVeigh grew to hate the government. Dear kind readers: Please consider my advice. Give a few clicks or taps to: ONE: Ruby Ridge TWO: Waco Texas. Sincerely, Tom Doody. Waco and Ruby Ridge were defining moments for people hungry to hate the government, and McVeigh internalized both events and planned and executed a terror attack against his government. Sandy Hook deniers has become a recent event that drew government haters, and McVeigh would have been predispositioned to stamp, “hoax” on Sandy Hook if he had lived to the day. This type of anti-government thinking, which gives birth to premeditated attacks on strangers is an integral part of the profile of the week’s Times Square terrorist. Terrorist are not all Muslim, and anti-government terrorist are not all gun nuts who live in open spaces. The Times Square killer was a gunless man from the Bronx. »» nearlincoln contact us

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Assange is ¿Worthy?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The rape accusations against Julian Assange would not be considered rape in the US (my assessment). Assange had consensual casual sex with a woman. He had her consent to share a bed for the night and he had her consent for sex, but it’s alleged during the night while the woman was sleeping assange had sex with her again without a condom, when her requirement to use a condom was explicitly stated earlier. In Sweden failure to use a condom when requested is not consensual sex, and is rape. Whether Julian used a condom or not seems unimportant, and the Swedish justice system says determining the trueth has overtaxed their reach. Since everyone except the victim’s layer and purportedly the victim says Julian’s failure to use a condom is unimportant the world is left to decide for themselves. Julian Assange is moving toward being a free man and reinforcing the global icon he’s become, so understanding what is known about his rape charge, and accepting what will never be known about his rape charge is not unimportant. Knowing what is to be known about Julian’s rape charge, and deciding for oneself is important. Knowing there is an alleged victim in Sweden I’ll be haunted by the celebrity goodman status of Julian Assange, and I’m cautiously preparing myself to accept that Assange is worthy. »» nearlincoln contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Dear kind person at lowshiprates: The recent invoice includes a shipment to Honduras 7607942834 billed in the seventies USD and it was in the thirties USD when I purchased. Please consider this notice: I will not make payment by the invoice deadline, and I will not be obligated to a late fee. In addition I have found an alternative for my DHL shipments, and my next label, if I have one, will be with an alternative to lowshiprates. My accounting sets money aside to pay each shipment, so I plan on meeting my passed obligations even though I will not be creating new obligations to lowshiprates. Sincerely, Tom Doody »» nearlincoln contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« The NBA is making progress to naming it’s 2017 champion. Currently four: Ohio, Massachusetts, California, and Texas. »» nearlincoln contact us

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Sweeden relents Assange ¿Really?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« I know nothing about the alleged rape victim of Julian Assange in Sweden. Maybe I should probe passed the headlines, and find if a woman claiming rape by Assange continues her claim. The Swedish government has dropped the case against Assange, but leaves conditional prosecution open, which in itself is a weird. The Swedish government in effect is saying, “prosecuting Assange on foreign soil is too much trouble, so we officially drop the case, but we have evidence and might arrest and reopen the case if he returns to Sweden”. ¿Really? »» nearlincoln contact us

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Trump ¿Witch hunt?

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« President Trump says the investigation of connections between him and his campaign uniting with the Russians to favor him in the election is a witch hunt. As a Liberal and a Trump critic I’m ready to accept an investigation leads to nothing, but . . . ¿Witch hunt? no . . a witch hunt is a hunt for a dark-powered woman who can harm everyone . . a kin to a dragon . . , witch hunt cannot be used to describe the investigation, because Presidents who use dark methods and cover their trails are validated by history. Witches are invalidated by history. If the president is so sure an investigation will yield nothing he should be more cooperative. Firing Comey and tweeting attention should go away draws attention near. President Trump is fanning the flames of investigation more than anyone else. »» nearlincoln contact us

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