dear kind person at Trader Joe’s @TJoesOfficial: eye buy ur Habanero Sauce, and eye found several sauces at other stores ten times higher in salt. Aside from the health problem just marketing makes it an error when a 100% of a store’s offering has high amounts of salt in their flavor-packed sauces. Since flavor-packed sauces are a lazy way to boost flavor, and shaking a salt shaker and shaking a sauce bottle is equally good for lazy moments, then people who want more salt can add it, so every store should have a range including low-salt high-flavor sauces. . . grazie4including urs ciao Tom DoodyDoody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

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yo sibs: Beth’s invitation alas shows this fam has room 4 wife, ex-wife, and me . here’s a .mov vid w a chance 2 know Hana btr ciao Tee Tommy Tom middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

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Yellow River

With some question my memory is correct I believe the Yellow river was home to one of the two, now China, ancient civilizations. This ancient-civilization list also includes Mesopotamia , Inca, and Aztec. The Yellow River seems to be the drain for nearly one hundred percent of the water from China’s fresh deadly flood. The city with the flooded rail tunnel is on the Yellow and as far as I can tell all the google-map marked zones drain to the Yellow River. In the days ahead this excess water will be moving to Bohai Sea.

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Arsim LLC

eye have two companies forming w me as the missing piece to reach the US market. Each org is founded by an Indian from India w ops in India, and the newest one was handed to me by the founder’s cousin brother. Dear kind readers: Cousin brother is fr: In India it’s common for siblings to raise their kids in one house, so the kids grow up with the same grandparents all living in a multigenerational home. Even though kids are cousins to one another they’re raised as siblings. Sincerely, Tom Doody. The licensing fee came to the cousin brother’s org’s bankofamerica checking account on Friday. I activated the debit card on that account, and registered the newest org on Monday AM and paid with the cousin brother’s debit card. My amigo and statutory agent did his part later on Monday, and today after getting an IRS EIN I’m ready to open a bank account. Pre pandemic I could have walked into a branch and had the account today, but now I’ll have to make an appointment w the Russian Siberian banker NYC Bryant Park bankofamerica. It seems the Pandemic slowed the banking part, but accelerated state registration and IRS EIN. My Indian partner’s are please and Arsim LLC is born with the help of the cousin brother.

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Español self study

the following txt is the product of my Spanish self study eye listened to CNN 5 cosas 6PM podcast 2nd cosas 0.8 speed w split screen for rapid precise audio control and gboard for as-eye-swipe spelling correction the gaps represent words eye did not transcribe bc high degree of difficulty

la administración de Joe Biden

grupo de afganos
que han solicitados



los miembros de congreso



especial primero grupo
rubicados desde afganistán
que tan solicitados

cómo parte

la administración de Biden

miles interpretos

trabajaron para estados unidos

dos décadas en

la administración de Biden
está llemando


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Europe flooding

Meuse River and the Rhine River sort of do the same thing. Take water from higher regions of Germany and Belgium through the Netherlands to the North Sea, but the Meuse River got hit harder with flooding. One of the first headline was from the Ahr River, a small tributary of the Rhine, but the Rhine Basin did not get flooded broadly, so the Rhine handled it. The Meuse was different from the Rhine, and its basin was flooded broadly causing flooding in the Netherlands, and making headlines today.

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fb comments

fb comments: Deprimonera good 2date survived covid travel 2 Hana Miyajima ‘s homecountry ltr this summer but but but travel restrictions might erase r plans hot humid plans 2 swim 2 day NJ ¿Rain? the pic u liked is me in an elevator of 63 Wall Street very near the famous NYSE finished an UberEATS delivery was lv ing the building 2018 Bali Jatiluwith famous x tra ordinary beautiful rice fields Deprimonera me and his coach YouTube

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James Robinson

grazie James 4give me my 2nd listening tld me u r both the filmmaker and subject

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Whale Eyes

Dear kind readers: Please I’m begging; I’ll do anything, por favor remember: NYTimes Whale Eyes. Sincerely, Tom Doody. I know from my own click-tap-history reports that people don’t click when told: ¡YouTube now! Only the very biggest influencers have detectable success at directing their reader’s attention to YouTube. The difficulty redirecting people from reading to listening reminds me of being a father of young children. Even my older kids who could read themselves like being read to, which included children’s books of their younger brother. Maybe adults are similar so they have a time to read, and a time to listen, and if I give a link and say: LISTEN NOW they won’t, so if I could only get my readers to remember NYTimes Whale Eyes they might remember when their personal listening time comes. The subject of the youtube has a visual abnormality, which would give people in his company reason to call his condition: "lazy eye". In truth neither eye is lazy, and each work as well as any eye can be expected to work. His eyes just don’t work together. His brain is able to focus what one eye is focusing on, but the other eye wanders, and is ignored by his brain, so if a person in his company could just focus on the eye that’s focusing back then all would be good. The kid’s story is told with the help of his family, and the help of NYTimes youtube. I can’t help wanting to have the opportunity to be the person the kid wanted people to be. I can’t help wanting to be the person who listened and tried to understand enough about his vision, so I could get passed and understand him. I won’t get a chance with this kid, and with the help of NYTimes he probably needs less to tell people what NYTimes told so effectively with him. Maybe the chance I’ll get is with someone who wants me to understand their world. Covid has put distance between us, but the negative effect of that distance could vanish if someone who felt like this kid gave me the chance to be the person the kid wanted others to be. When I lived in DC I had a daily chance through my gym to interact with a transgender woman, and if I had another chance with her I would do better. I would be more like the good person described in Whale Eyes. Dear kind readers: By the way . . . this is how you should remember: "Whales Eyes". Sincerely, Tom Doody. This kid knows people like to look at whales never troubled that only one eye at a time can be seen, so if they could engage naturally focusing back on one of his eyes while having no distraction of the other understandably distracting eye, then life would be better for this kid and the select people who had the opportunity to engage with him.

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Germany flooding

One of the rivers that overflowed its banks and caused sever damage in Germany was the Ahr River, and what’s remarkable to me is how small the river is. I traced the river by google maps to the Rhine, and it’s understandable that the torrential rain will be no problem for the Rhine. I image the proportion of size between the Rhine and the Ahr where they unite. With normal river levels it seems only a rowboat could navigate the Ahr and large boats can float the Rhine. What I’m trying to explain is how an excessive rain storm that fails to move quickly can dump damaging amounts of water in a small river basin while it has little negative effect in broadly. While Germany’s flooding remains headlines for the second day it’s likely to vanish from international news quickly, and only the local people will know the trauma and long road to recovery.

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