TikTok like

in a move of transparency w phrases like . . let the ppl decide . . Kevin McCarthy made public all the Capital surveillance video of 6Jan2021 w a single open-source upload . . just kidding . . . he gave the vids 2 Tucker Carlson x clusively . . . Tucker carefully curated 2 show a generally peaceful 6Jan2021 . . a headline 2day claims a Proud Boy is using Tucker’s micro release as evidence in his defense . . it’s as if a man charged w rape has a series of witnesses testifying they wr not raped by the defendant . . . eye have good reason 2 predict the Tucker evidence will not help the Proud Body defendant . . wat pisses me off is how my fellow liberals can’t accept that 4 a moment Tucker won . . Tucker did a modern TikTok-like viral faceoff w Chuck Schumer . . Schumer was dead serious in the Senate and Tucker cut 2 himself w a boyish juvenile laugh 2 his adoring audience . . it was only a moment . . but Tucker won . .

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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