ur honor . . eye want 2 present a case that justice has already been served and give u reason 2 dismiss this public drinking violation against me 25August2022 at 49th y Bergenline: ONE: eye regret my actions and it will nvr happen again TWO: public drinking is not accurate bc eye only touch the 12 ounce Modelo 2 my lips when a returned call had me talking 2 my friend Adam in AZ eye did not touch the bottle again also while talking 2 Adam four police officers presented themselves starting the process that brings Office Rodriguez y me in front of u 2day THREE: as u can c fr the scene of the violation eye was sitting on the step and the step is arguably private property FOUR: eye am known as gringo alto in the most northern blocks of UC including La Gran Vía and all my latino amigos especially the DR and Cubans r surprised the police cited me . . reinforcing nobody is above the law . . FIVE: my penalty of money and time is already paid including the fee eye must pay 2 makeup class that eye’m missing 2day SIX: eye have no criminal record SEVEN: eye live and work in UC 4 two decades serving my fellow community members as a DHL authorized shipper EIGHT: eye am a student in the beauty school at 55 and Bergenline in WNY NINE: eye regret my actions and eye ask ur 4giveness


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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2 Responses to mañana

  1. Schioppy says:

    Whimpering Asshole with no intestinal fortitude. You are a total disgrace and it is amazing you have kept Hana this long.


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