Hunter’s laptop

90 mins b4 my court appearance 4 my July 2022 public drinking violation. . lawyer cases go 1st . . then me . . . gotta script my defense . . . 1st my favorite part of the State of the Union: when Biden said: “2day all the Pisa-tower left leaning news orgs reported my son’s famous laptop is truly his" . . Hunter y yo knew this all along . . ¿Russia disinfo? . . . ha ha ha . . BBC had a review of the rebuttal speech, which eye have reason 2b lieve was invented by the GOP in the nighties and embraced by the Dems . . the BBC editorialist advice 2 Sarah was 2 not target a good speech . . . instead . . just try not 2 fuck up like Marco . . eye feel Sarah got the message

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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