¿Wat? is Asexuality Day

a person in learn Spanish everyday WhatsApp grp founded by Abdulmalik of Nigeria w me as coadmin Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel . . . this person has a country code of +20 which cross references to Egypt so eye’ll call this person Sami since Egypt is a Muslim majority country and Sami is a common Muslim name . . . Sami does not understand the significance of my art giving tribute 2 Asexuality Day . . . eye gave Sami the shallow answer and he asked 4 additional clarification . . . ppl in the majority like me living in the USA and Sami living in Egypt have reason 2b confused by Asexuality Day so here’s my 2nd attempt: ONE: Hasidic Jewish ppl live near me and they have reason 2 think of themselves as a member of a Hasidic community 1st TWO: gay ppl often think of themselves as gay 1st. There are many x amples of how a common characteristic or membership in a minority community transcended other sense of b longing or identities . . . as a heterosexual tourist on a romantic vacation w my wife it is ez 2day with Internet marketing to find we chose a gay majority resort without realizing we’d b in the minority until we arrived (hint: ppl who r not conspicuous gay aka might b straight when seen alone r conspicuously gay w their husband or wife as guests at a romantic resort vacationing). When eye get friendly w Indians who r not Hindu they reliably tell me they r Christian o Muslim .. . Hindu Indians nvr tell me they’re Hindu . . . whatever it means 2b asexual is advanced by days like 2day so ppl can decide . . . wow this is the b longing eye was seeking or my search continues or or the fall back 2wat others c as a fit . . . this is my best 2 describe wat Asexuality Day is.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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