Judge Brown Jackson

Judge Brown Jackson has more years as a judge than any sitting Supreme Court Justice at the time he or she was confirmed. With so many years judging the objections to the Judge’s confirmation were weak. Case after case of public records of her opinions and decisions, and one objection tied the judge to progressive liberal agenda, but link between the Judge and any tie to the far left was weak. In addition the highlights of the Judge’s answers showed me a bright legal mind listening and thinking and talking with impressive precision. Romney, Collins, and Murkowski were the three Rs who voted with the Ds. The US makes history with the 1st black female SC Justice, and the third black justice yet it’s not like Biden had to reach to some fresh seated judge to fill the nomination. Judge Brown Jackson has the years, cases, and she remained clam and thoughtful even facing crazies like Ted.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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4 Responses to Judge Brown Jackson

  1. Flimsy says:

    A judge who refused to answer the definition of a Woman! Maybe you missed the last two confirmations – fair? 13% of the population does not qualify you as the best, just like the VP, politics confirmed her nothing more nothing less. In 2024 the tide will shift and leave YOU feeling red into your Sixties. You might want to change your motto – you are passed middle age!


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