taxi tweets

This week seemed like a tangled web of emotion. Nelson’s father’s death triggered feelings similar to what I have felt to each death after the recovery from the death of my late son, David. Added to my own reconciliation with the loss was the discovery of my sister’s art show press, and the obituary that included her sons, but excluded her. Recently I talked to a cousin who responded to my account of Nelson’s presence in my life with, “I always liked Nelson”. I also told my mother what Nelson is to me — nice. This also unlocked feelings associated with temporary family membership. Ann with the Grahams; me with the Oestreichers; Nelson, Steffen, and Angie with the Doody’s; Nancy; Margaret, and Briana with the Twohey’s. I am making a pledge to be more active to see that Angie and the Doodys remain united, but this pledge does not include other aforementioned relationships. My wife and I had a nice Sunday here in New Jersey and New York including the botanical garden in the Bronx, and travel that seemed effortless. Back to the rickshaw tomorrow. Tweet link on my website is fixed, so taxi tweets can be found with a click. Three people like my facebook page, so I’ll work on getting taxi tweets sent from twitter to my page.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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