If my nephews, Dan and Brogan would have gotten their names from each of the two grandfathers’ middle names, they would be Dudley and Cornelius.  Second Avenue subway construction in Manhattan’s Upper East Side is a mess.  Living near the construction would be like living on a land fill.  Tonight I saw a fight for a taxi that exceeds anything I have seen to date.  No blood or guns, but physical, foul language, insults and throwing things were all part of the show between a man and a woman after the Elton John concert.  I wrote my mom today, and asked her to consider my wishes for including my first wife in the family.  I see my surviving kids on the sidelines of the Doody’s, and I think they would feel more included if their mother was also a family member.  Elton John was at Madison Square Garden tonight.  The brother and sister I took to the Upper East Side was my best ride of the night.  Their comfort with one another allowed the trike to create its magic, and the relatively long trip went by in a flash.  Just before my first tap I began loading Nelson Graham’s Christmas CD to this computer.  Nelson dated my sister when I was young, and during his marriage he sang at my first wedding, and during the recovery from my late son’s death came this Christmas CD in the mail to the Long Island home where I lived with my wife.  Through puberty, weddings, and death Nelson and his beautiful singing voice showcased in the songs of others and through is own song-writing talents — bravo Nelson.  Although I can’t pinpoint it, Nelson’s voice makes it natural for me to have a fond sense of Dan and Brogan’s voice, and with the Christmas CD came a track of his father reading Night Before Christmas.  Mr. Graham, Nelson’s father, died this month, and his memorial is in Florida tomorrow, and I plan to listen to this track to start my day tomorrow in my own private memorial ceremony.  In memory of Mr. Graham, “your legacy has given me in a very personal and intimate way through three generations of Graham voices, thank you”.  My favorite passenger of the night was headed to his Upper East Side apartment to transition to a ski weekend.  After Park Avenue U turn, a pit stop, a cigarette, and a change in plans I left him at Second Avenue and 30th Street to meet a friend — no skiing this weekend.  I would like to dress more like this money manger.  With a modification of my twitter profile, and a Metro PCS cell phone, I started, “Taxi Tweets”.  It’s natural to click out a tweet after I deliver a passenger(s), so I expect to continue.  I talked to John Patton on St. Patrick’s Day.  He was in a Disneyland Hotel with his wife and daughter.  I joined my wife and Jasleen at Lair in Soho after I got off the trike.  With the help of Clif bars, I have reversed my weight loss.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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