Donegan OptiVisior

thorough ebay shopping allows me 2 say: ONE: gadgets marketed 2day as vision aid 4 dentists and jewelers r abundant . . no style or brand dominates TWO: back in the day . like b4 my sixties birthdate . . Donegan OptiVisor dominated and . . so happy eye kept ebay surfing till eye learned this aforementioned lesson . . Donegan OptiVisor was the thing . . no headlight like the current models . but gr8 lenses and clear magnification . . now in my hands w a manicurist license on the horizon . this classic vintage Donegan Optivisor will b used by traditionalist jewelers traditionalist dentists and 1 manicurist . . eye’ll post on Facebook pics showing how eye mounted a Home Depot headlamp 2 my Donegan OptiVisor . . since eye can not trust myself 2 care 4 the vintage cardboard box . . eye’ll eBay list it . . the box . . . delivered w the help of the kind ppl of the United States Postal Service from an ebay seller . . . the box is older than me . . . and 2 swipe away the weirdness . . of the only manicurist using a jeweler’s magnifier . . my Donegan OptiVisior is old enough 4 me 2 claim w b lievably that my grandmother was a jeweler . . my manicurist sope summary at the moment: health hygiene beauty . . health includes the infected nails that need prescription medication detailed direction following persistence and patience . . hygiene includes callus treatment . . . cuticle and dead skin removal . . beauty includes painting and enhancements . . . eye’m most attracted 2 health and hygiene . . an administrative process this week including payment of something 2 the state of NJ eye’ll b recognized as a senior manicure student . . absences b hind me and 100% attendance on the horizon . . x pected graduation May . . . ¿Amen aleluya assalamualaikum mazel tov? not yet


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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