the perfect NYC bagel

this story was funny in realtime for me Hana, my wife, and a talented all-round bar employee of a an upmarket wine bar in Beacon New York . . since Cardi B is from the Bronx and so is this Beacon bar man eye’ll call him Offset . . and . . . the story is not complete w out my wife’s amiga an Italian Brooklyn American residing in Florida . . . Hana and eye wr passing thru GCT at rush hour . . it wasn’t rush hour in a M-F sense bc it was Sunday and most travelers were New Yorquiños on recreation . . it was early AM, and we were trying2buy minutes so r transition from Bagel consumption 2a moving train was graceful . . we rehearsed and eye ordered for both of us . . Hana stopped me at toasted and said Linda does not get toasted when it’s early AM. . . Linda has regular sleeping irregularities and she . . . when residing on the UES . . . wud b in her barrio b4 businesses wr open . . it’s early . . so . . the bagels r fresh . . they don’t need2b toasted . . . 4me Linda’s credibility on this subject is max, so at that moment eye pledged to do it right 4the remaining days of my NYC life . . hour train ride . . . a full day at Storm King . . and eye’m in front of Offset . . w a mocktail in front of Hana steps away and my beer in my hand: Offset this is a quiz . . eye ordered . . . Hana can’t c my x change w Offset but she can hear clearly in the nice quiet mid-day Sunday wine bar . . eye ordered a bagel this early AM at GCT w cream cheese and got it toasted . . ¿Wat? did eye do wrong . . long pause . . . longer pause . . . Hana said later she was tuned in and laughing . . long . . ¿Wat’s? wrong w that . . . 2 New Yorquiños old enough 2qualify as a lifetime in NYC not in full agreement on the details of proper bagel eating . . It’s clear toasting is option . . especially early AM . . tourists often want 2b sure they return home have a credible claim they had good bagels, and they want 2b sure they’ll not have blowback . . this is best. GCT Zaro’s early AM GCT has multiple GTC locations but the only once occupying space that was set 4retail a century and a half ago is on the West side of the terminal near the track entrances on the main floor with the famous clock . . . . above all it’s best the tourist return-home claim does not claim awesome late-day bagels . . only a high preferably rush bagel at times New Yorquiños r rushing out on the Hudson line if it’s a nice day for Nature and any transit hub early AM rush if it’s a workday . . .

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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