secrecy hurts

Anjanette Young and Daniel Prude are two examples of terrible police action. Daniel was killed by police, and Anjanette is alive. Daniel is the man who suffocated in a bag placed over his head by police in Rochester New York, and Anjanette is the woman who was cuffed during a wrong-home no-knock warrant in Chicago. Anjanette’s story is in the news tonight, because Chicago’s mayor knew about the bad mistake made worse knowing damaging body-cam evidence existed of members of the city police force standing around naked Anjanette. The ramrod through Anjanette’s door came the moment she was changing from work clothes to robbing for home. Anjanette was home alone. Anjanette’s and Daniel’s stories are common in at least two ways: ONE: long time passed between the events and public disclosure TWO: both stories was actively kept secret — stupid. The public has seen everything . George Floyd was murdered by chocking, and the public watched. Emmette Till’s brutally tortured body was on public view in 1955. Secrecy must stop. Secrecy is a major contributor to at least a century of boys victimized by sexual predator priests. Secrecy is not helping the Catholic Church and secrecy is not helping the police.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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