exhume emotion

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Marylou did not stand for it.  She was the first along with U. Joe, Martha’s late bro, who gave Hana and over the top welcome.  It’s only Ellen, Ann, and Marty who continue my exclusion, and Ann’s process is more related to her own exile than it is related to keeping family order.  In addition to family love and all the bonding and important legacy we are inspired by and burdened by . . . . I’ve always liked you.  I love you like a sister . . . the difference is I also like you cuz, you’re fun.  I confess I’m still anxious you hold a sense of contempt related to an exwife, a dad who doesn’t see his kids (was 3 now and adult daughter and a teenage son), dead son, David, or me enjoying marriage.  I have zero evidence you hold a harsh judgment, and you’ve welcomed Hana with sincere warmth — maybe traces of  my PTSD remain.  Getting a reply from you was best . . . I was not ready to talk at more depth and length . . . I was just talking big ciao cuz, Tommy  P.S.  My exclusion from family will never have a unified understanding.  I may tweak my understanding before I die, but there will be no process that supersedes how events are settled with me, and here is my settlement to date: if you hear this: David 1988 – 2007 it tells a story of David’s life, which strikes listeners as crazy similar to my life if my life had ended prematurely and tragically.  Then imagine someone who loved David, and who feels the pain of his death . . . . imagine that person having to see me . . . . it is a Bill-and-Martha-descendants MO to bury emotion, and my inclusion exhumes emotion. »» about me  302-990-2346  twitter  nearlincoln@hotmail.com  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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