Cosby msg2the unconvinced and victims

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« This audio message has two target audiences.  First, people who are not convinced Cosby is a serial rapist, and who are willing to be convinced with a very short investment of time.  Second is victims who face social pressures to stay silent.  People who remain unconvinced of Crosby’s crimes seem to accept Cosby’s defense stated by his attorney to the press: Cosby’s lawyer Some excerpts from Cosby’s attorney “unprecedented”, “absurd” “makes no sense”, “media misbehavior” “abundance of lawyers motivated to sue the rich”  The attorney also makes counter accusations, “Cosby’s accuser has been disciplined by the bar” Numerous victims accounts tell of the pressured to remain silent: Who’s going to believe me? and the fear of facing counter accusations, and Cosby’s attorney’s statements in the press is the realization of what they feared. One who hears any one of the six vid testimony’s on nymag and considers why these women claim they remained silent, and then considers how their fears were realized in the words of Cosby’s attorney — nada mas.  People willing to be persuaded should have enough with the six vids on nymag and the explanation of silence.  To the victims who face social pressure to stay silent.  Many of the people you accuse have vanished from your life, and making a public accusation would only make the perpetrator return, which in itself represents a penalty you’re not willing to accept.  I am willing to tell your story in my blog keeping you and the perpetrator anonymous.  I am willing to talk to people you would like to convince and try to persuade them into considering the truth of your story.  If the opportunity to convince a few people carefully selected by you is more appealing than releasing your story on the internet, then I invite you to contact me at: 302-990-2346 or  »» about me  302-990-2346  twitter  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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