Erika is baffled

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel «« Erika’s comment pleases me on a several levels.  Erika treats me like a celebrity, and I read in her comment the kind of curiosity I have for Woody Allen – entertaining.  Reading between the lines I suspect Erika is cautiously approaching me like readers once wrote to Dear Abby — not just entertainment.  Erika seems to concede a problem I solved for myself with my bucket office is a problem she identifies with and she might consider adopting parts of my solution customized to ease her anxiety of working in public places.  What pleases me most about Erika’s comment is her reference to my enthusiasm for by bucket office.  This post got unexplained high-click counts, and it is my most direct text I can remember where I voiced my enthusiasm.  Cool, many people passively detected my enthusiasm and clicked, and Erika distinguished herself with public text.  I think of the way I present myself online like fashion, and when I begin a business call with Robert in Tempe with this link, and he laughs about the man sleeping on the bench next to me I get a sensation as if I have made the right fashion choice for the occasion, so to Erika being baffled by my enthusiasm it’s like someone wearing clothes another person would not be seen in public wearing – fashion.  Being able to focus with level-ten distractions is not a mystery to me.  The people who pass me and sit by me are strangers who will be gone in a moment, which is unlike a co worker who might want to tell me about his or her weekend, and in a sense creates my obligation to be distracted.  I have no obligation to the parade of strangers.  I’m not trying to get their attention, and I get boring to people quickly, so staring does not happen though I do get more attention than the men sleeping next to me on benches.  Perhaps the most relevant transition that may reduce mystery as seen by Erika is my boredom with idle chatter with strangers face to face.  I see the only way to convert a chance conversation with a stranger into something of greater value as converting the social interaction to something online – I prefer social interaction that includes an online component. »» about me  201-490-9659  Mom angry  contact us

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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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