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Marian said, “What about us?” after I described how the mother and daughter with links to Puerto Rico were already named my, “favorite passengers of the night”  I was aware my decision could be challenged, but the PR women set the standard sooooo high I backed my declaration with confidence their mark would not be exceeded.  “Do you like one another?” I asked, and “I have to I am stuck with her” came from the daughter, and — in unison — “I didn’t always” came from the mother.  They laughed with a connection only a mother and daughter could have, and it made me wish the short trip from Columbus Circle to 42nd Street was longer.  Adam’s disbelief that the PR women were mother and daughter was a compliment to the youth of the mother.  The French woman who said, “Can I smoke?” pleased me, because it was another passenger who affirmed my, “smoker’s taxi” solicitation complete with Marlboro’s on my helmet and a second pack around my neck.  Smoking is prohibited in so many places, which leaves smokers sucking their cigarettes, but in my cab smokers enjoy their cigarettes.  Brenda was a nice trip to 72nd and Broadway complete with a refreshing review of tourists who try too hard not to be tourists.  Charlie, my Brit Central Park, Manhattan, New York, tour who engaged me with such energy that I could not let him slip away.  I twisted his arm, and he thanked me for it.  Gary from Chicago with the French girlfriend and son on a fixer.  Something tells me the son will find NYC his new home.  Parking garages and shopping places were the not-so-noteworthy destinations, but the French woman went to 23rd Street and Eleventh Avenue — Why?  Bruno Mars just finished his pop single, “grenade”.  He is popular for good reason.  Tina just commented on my blog.  She called my blog, “honest”, which is what I sensed some of my readers were thinking, but they were not putting it into words.  For more than a year I have noticed clicks in multiple places that indicated emotionally-wounded-recovering-middle-age-man-and-father post were of hightened interest, and I think this is what Tina is referring to.  Dear Tina and all of my other kind readers:  These aforementioned blog posts are popular — bueno.  Please be assured I am the primary benefactor.  Your faithful blogger,  Tom Doody

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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