beauty school

eye am taking all the nail curriculum seriously . . including nail enhancements . . . there r two main products . . hard gel and acrylic . . hard gel does not smell and cures under a lamp . . acrylic smells and dries quickly w slight ventilation . . these chemical clay-like materials r attached in two ways: w tips and by forms . . dear kind readers if ur following me u can get gel w tips or forms and acrylic w tips or forms . .. total four variations of enhancements sincerely Tom Doody. . w deliberate effort eye am keeping my mind open . . yet . . preferences r emerging . . forms r btr than tips . . gel is btr than acrylic . . on the horizon fantasy . . eye want 2 serve walkins . . get clients via internet marketing as an alternative to client loyalty . . . way on the horizon fantasy . . eye get my credentials recognized in other countries . . Italy wud b gr8 . . also other states . . family states including California Wisconsin Colorado Ohio . . Philadelphia . . which credentials wud allow the town of my 1st born son’s David’s final resting place . . if my surviving son or daughter get wind of this . . don’t worry dad’s not visiting their town . . w out a welcome fr some1 . . almost half way 2 graduation . . eager 2 finish . . a classmate passed the state exam Friday and she graduates on Wednesday . .


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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