Wednesday Lurch Morticia

dear kind readers: plz, eye’m begging; eye’ll do anything, por favor . . search: Wednesday Addams Ramones . . . and . . Netflix Wednesday dance . . . sincerely, Tom Doody . . in my Seventies childhood we watched the Addams Family and the little girl approx nine yrs . . . black hair in braids from the sides of her head . . she DJed Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop and the family danced . . Morticia and Lurch were primary in the scene . . The Thing and Gomez has cameos . . wonderful moment of pop culture and if it were not 4 modern digital life eye’d deprive myself of the smile it gives me on occasions . . the occasion 2 recall this brilliant moment in Seventies pop culture came again w Jenna Ortega hosting SNL . . Jenna was Wednesday in the remake of The Addams Family on Netflix and Wednesday’s dance went viral . . not like Tucker-Carlson-offends viral . . truly big copy-inspiring viral . . many A list celebrities mimicked Jenna’s dance as Wednesday . . . Lady Gaga most mentioned . . along w countless imitations . . like a shirtless man w a 52” waist . . the combination of Wednesday’s Seventies dance and the fresh Jenna as Wednesday . . is comedy music dance and a bridge btw generations . . bravi 2all Seventies contributors alive and dead . . current contributors including all the hackers on TikTok


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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