Jenna Ortega

SNL was guest hosted by Jenna Ortega . . 20 yrs old and known (not by me) in horror films . . she’s funny talented and was showcased perfectly in Saturday’s Waffle House sketch . . it’s a breakup scene . . she finds her boyfriend outside Waffle House and they’r standing vis-a-vis . . w the inside of Waffle House as the backdrop . . it’s a quiet intimate emotional scene . . Jenna’s the younger yet more mature just like Hemingway was in Woody Allen’s Manhattan . . there’ll b other girls she assures him w confidence as she breaks her plans 2 return hometown and marry the boyfriend . . Jenna wants more . . the breakup scene in isolation is scripted and acted in a convincing way . . inside Waffle House is erupting violence and mayhem . . mostly mayhem . . a shirtless man is central . . a man w a torch . . put out w a fire extinguisher . . police entering . . Jenna and her man reach this agreeable tender moment and the . . now ex . . boyfriend offers Jenna a ride home . . . no . . my dad’s talking me home . . smashing glass the shirtless man is ejected fr Waffle House . . . gets up and says . . u ¿Ready? baby doll . . and Jenna lv s w her dad . . dear kind readers: .. . . very close 2 zero of u will watch this vid on youtube prompted by my suggestion . . this is not pessimistic . . it’s supported by broad tracking data of the internet . . even the biggest celebrities redirect sm sm sm percentages of their readers followers . . this aforementioned txt is enough . . if u wanted 2 bluff ur way thru . . . u can claim u saw Jenna Orgeta in SNL’s Waffle House sketch . sincerely, Tom Doody


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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