independence; no interconnectivity

on the matter of access to the basement . . eye understand having an Municipal authorized building inspector arrive at a property w out that inspector getting access to the required areas is a situation that must b avoided w all reasonable efforts . . unfortunately distributing keys 2 all tennants is not reasonable for the following reason: it violates the agreement with the commercial tenant in the building by giving keys to all residential tenants, which in effect gives keys to the area shared w the commercial tennant . . iow as the owner of the building eye must respect the security of both the commercial tenant and the residential tenants and distributing keys to the residential tenants violates the terms w the commercial tennant on the matter of assuring each gas meter is independent and not interconnected: this request is reasonable . . each tennant . . especially w high energy bills has reason 2 seek assurance that each bill payer is paying only 4 the energy he or she consumes . . . that assurance must give each tennant confidence their bill does not pay 4 energy consumed by other tenants in the same building . . eye have spoken to PSE&G and they also agree with the reasonableness of the request . . and this assurance of gas meter independence and assurance of no interconnectivity will b provided when requested by the account holder . . the kind ppl of PSE&G added: only account holders can request gas meter independence and no interconnectivity assurance and since eye, EM, am not the PSE&G account holder 4 apt 2 eye am not authorized 2 request this assurance


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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