amigos amigas in Learn Spanish Everyday whatsapp grp founded by Abdulmalik of Nigeria w me Tom Doody middle-age American living in NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel and +52 Mexico Feliz as coadmins: . . this txt will double post including my amigo in AZ Estados Unidos: . . he . . Adam . . is kind enough 2 record Scarface in Spanish 4 me . . this project started in December 2022 when eye bought him a SDHC chip and a DVD . . w plans 2 have Adam capture the Spanish audio in an mp3 file . . por supuesto eye cud do this myself . . pero . . eye have a device-accumulation phobia . . Adam has suburb-style living and does not have a deep fear of 2 many electronic devices . . . the DVD eye bought Adam wud not play on his devices . . so eye bought him a multi-decade-old DVD not Blu-Ray player and this wk Adam reported . . ¡Exito! . . amigos amigas . . in time eye’ll have the whole movie in 1 mp3 Spanish audio and eye’ll b gin 2 cut it in2 sm er pieces while saving the original . . the sm er pieces will b cut 2 match select youtube or tiktok Scarface excerpts . . . intime eye’ll b able to ping in2 r grp youtube sections w matching Spanish audio . . the mp3 shud also b safe from copyright violations giving me the confidence eye can distribute w out violating copyright rules . . . . . can’t think of a movie seen by more ppl than Scarface . . this ‘ll b fun ciao fr NJ y’all . . ur amigo Tomás


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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