friends ¿Afford?

a common game: . . how do my friends ¿Afford? their lifestyle . . . eye c on facebook where ppl comment on vacations cars boats houses . . making it clear they’re contestants in the ongoing game . . . how do my friends ¿Afford? their lifestyle . . eye’m the subject of an episode of . . . how do my friends ¿Afford? their lifestyle . . this was vis-a-vis . . how do u pay ur ¿Bills? . . . my answer is in personal finance . . “personal finance” is called: “personal” finance bc it’s: "personal" . . this is not the 1st time . . . each time eye’m interrogated . . it’s some1 whose monthly obligations are much higher than mine . . my spending might far x ceed the person interrogating me while eye’m on vacation . . yet my monthly obligations r much less than the person interrogating me . . por supuesto . . at this moment eye’m playing the same game . . the ppl who inquired abt my financial health get stonewalled w my bill shit no answer and at this moment my speculation includes my assessment of their personal finances and how it motivates their interrogation of me . . . just like Joe Biden 4got abt the documents nxt 2 his Corvette . . ppl 4get their carrying unnecessary monthly obligations as they age . . 80 yr olds don’t need soccer balls and Joe Biden does not need a Corvette . . other occasions to play . . . how do my friends afford their lifestyle . . include the Teslas in my barrio . . ¿How? do they drive a ¿Tesla? . . might b asked in my humble barrio . . answer: bc they have the keys


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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