age-appropriate material

just as Joe Biden wud get age-appropriate media presented by google . . . Corvette parts and Corvette rallies . . . eye got age-appropriate media . . Miley Cyrus sang a David Bowie hit w David Burn on NYC Times Square NYE . . Bowie is dead and his hits r very much alive . . exemplified by Bowie’s music on audio controlled by strangers . . and . . David Byrne . . music fr my University yrs . . eye saw him in concert when the big suite was his thing . . decades lrt in an interview he described repeated attempts 2 get him in the big suit again . . eye look a ltl like David and often w Halloween on the horison . . my thots turn 2 how eye cud do the big suit . . it’s 2 complicated 4 the amt of time eye have each time it comes 2 mind . . like right now is the time 2 plan but Halloween is 2 far in the future so eye’m sure 2 4get . . u may ask urself . . . this is not my beautiful . .


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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