celebrate ambition

an aged vague memory includes a woman car mechanic b ing tld by a hiring manager 2 put her application in the trash on the way out of his office . . there r traces of this mismatched sense ppl have abt me and my NJ nail technician license quest . . nothing so blatant like the smackdown of the car mechanic . . there r a series of favorable responses and some r women who have professional help caring 4 their hands . . seems they’re just glad 2 hear the pros doing this work will increase by one . . 2 eye categorize as: celebrating ambition . . . eye feel these 2 ppl wud have had spontaneous sincere favorable reactions 2 the car mechanic like they had 2 me and my license quest . . Hector and ChH these 2 . . named in this format . . yet not really named in this format . . . dear kind readers: if u every deliberately manipulate the time u spend w certain ppl then ppl who celebrate ambition r the kind who serve others in important ways . . female car mechanics in the Eighties or middle-age men nail technicians this decade sincerely, Tom Doody


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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3 Responses to celebrate ambition

  1. Fruity Nut Cake says:

    Dude- there is no way in hell you will make it through this training. The chances of you not getting into a conflict with someone in charge of this program is about 0.001%. You don’t deal well with authority and you don’t take criticism well. That’s evidenced by not only your blogging stories but more importantly by your less than inspiring career choices in the last few decades. If by some miracle you make it through this training, I have no doubt that you will manage to fuck up in the first week of employment by pissing off a customer and end up getting fired. Do yourself a favor and stick to your other “successful” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 career choices- getting loser scum bags out of their own self-inflicted debts that they signed up for, fucking up people trying to ship things, helping Indian scammers set up businesses in the U.S. and getting into arguments with people you are delivering food to.


  2. Nutty Fruitcake. says:

    Great comeback. Nice job dude. Just read what I wrote. How easy is that?


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