Haruki Kazuko

ESP 1 JAP 0 not yet halftime . . Hana my wife is at LAX now and Tokyo . . ¿Soon? . . not really soon it’s a very long flight . . the Pacific is bigger than the Atlantic making trans Pacific flights long 4 ppl like me who oversimplify by thinking it’s the same as an NYC Europe flight . . there will b a private final ceremony 4 my late mother-in-law Kazuko and my late father-in-law Haruki . . w ashes contacting the land of their births . . eye’ll participate in a private emotional process of my own . . each were awesome ppl . . ¿Haruki? Rock Star cool a Japanese creative graduate fr a top Japanese university who invested aaaaallllll of his professional energy in Europe . . his early attraction to Europe’s renaissance and Europe’s architecture predetermined his adult country of residence . . . eye’ve seen many pics of his work including his most famous client the late Krizia . . Haruki was also the subject of 7 Japanese . . he was 1 of 7 Japanese educated creatives who made Italy their adult home . . Kazuko has a less bling resume as a homemaker and a gr8 1 . . the Miyajima kitchen menu took a full month 2 repeat . . almost all dishes were Italian . . Kazuko and Haruki were gr8 2 me . . a fax on my wedding day . . my lead up 2 my big day w Hana included me telling nobody . . only a ltr 2 my now deceased son, David in the hours after eye married Hana, . . . a month later David asked: don’t u think u shud tell ¿Grandma? . . that month must have been a struggle 4 him . . and tho eye admit w out resistance my dad resume was only good until it wasn’t . . yet that moment was fatherhood perfection . . David was old enough . . and he got an exclusive . . . a heavy burdensome piece of news . . gr8 test . . he passed . . David’s death 4ever prevents me from knowing his thots that month . . yet eye smile thinking of his mental calisthenics leading 2 me telling my mom . . smiling now . . and will always returning 2 that moment . . feeling settled w Haruki and Kazuko ashes go ing 2 the land of their births


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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5 Responses to Haruki Kazuko

  1. Erika M says:

    Tom- I’m a long time follower as you know. But this weird way that you choose to use symbols & numbers and all kinds of other crap instead of just actual words make reading your posts a major mental challenge. I think you would like to have more people read your posts but I think that the way you post with this weird text is throwing people off and possibly losing you out on potential people who might take the time to interact with you. To use your own vernacular- please, I’m begging. I’ll do anything… make your posts easier to understand like they used to be. As a long term reader of your posts I’m just saying, following you is strenuous. Please revert back to normal English. If not, this long time reader may have to abandon you. It’s just too hard to figure out what you are trying to say.


  2. Tutifrutti says:

    Erika is 100% correct! Time to move on….


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