natural instincts ¿Bad?

Shanquella Robinson is dead . . beat2death by 1 of her six vaca companions in Cabo Mexico . . the vid is ez ly found on the internet tho media orgs w a clean reputation 2 maintain r not showing it . . 2brutal . . the vid alone is not so brutal . . but pero but . . . knowing the abuse breaks Shanquella’s neck resulting in her death makes it brutal . . dear kind readers: eye’ll reference three recent situations when an assaulted person’s final moments were made public w an amateur vid upload . . my purpose is 2 possibly same my own life . . may b urs . . Sincerely, Tom Doody . . a dog x pert advises ppl 2 void serious injury and may b death fr a charging dog . . get on the ground in Muslim prayer position and cover ears w fingers tucked in . . hands covering the ears shud b a partial fist . . the dog is less likely to bit an ear or finger . . eye start w this advice bc it seems unimpeachable . . it seems no other alternative is btr . . ¿Running? obviously bad . . the three human on human assaults includes: ONE: Shanquella TWO: NYC subway platform pushers THREE: Bronx man taxi driver chases teens 4 payment and one teen 2 driver punch sends driver’s KOed body 2 the concrete where driver head impacting the concrete defines his final moments . . eye’ll start w the NYC taxi driver case . . obviously the driver shud not have chased the teens . . but once punches were thrown . . if driver goes to the ground and curls up . . teens wud have . . kicked a couple of times and ran . . but pero but . . a driver 2 teen punch declares a fight and . . lights out . . the middle on my list is NYC subway platform pushers . . there have been many . . and a recent pusher hit the victim in a Lyle-Alzado-like NFL body hit 2 a blind-sided victim and . . . . nothing cud have kept the victim on the platform . . but pero but . . several of the platform pushes eye’ve seen . . . the victim had the ability 2 remain on the platform if he or she dropped 2 the ground . . instead several victims . . let natural instincts control their effort 2 keep themselves on their feet and the couple of steps the victim takes recovering . . steps them off the platform . . in some cases these ppl died a preventable death dear kind readers: eye’ve seen a lot of these subway pushings bc eye’m NYC GPS local and they flow in2 my feed w out my special effort . . if u made a special effort u’d find many of them 2 . . Sincerely, Tom Doody . . finally the most recent: Shanquella . . her funeral was probably very recent considering the delay from her body b ing repatriated . . Shanquella was drunk, so none of this cud have saved her . . but a coherent person cud have gone 2 the ground and . . . not been killed . . my assessment . . the woman assaulting Shanquella wanted 2 shame and abuse her in front of others . . this unnamed not-criminally-charged murderer . . was beating Shanquella partially 4 show . . Shanquella go ing 2 the ground wud have ended the show . . these stories have victims and surviving family and friends of the deceased . . in addition there’s a person who in these cases probably was not a premeditated murderer but aggression and chance made these aggressors murderers . . iow . . the murderers r victims of their own unchecked aggression . . w successful prosecution they’ll b imprisoned making them and their ppl victims of their own bad choices . . much trauma can b saved including one’s life by dropping to the ground . .

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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