police de escalation

Hana’s is calmer traveling w me . . remarkable . . no body who eye have history w who eye can think of now considers me calming . . Hana’s pre-travel nerves took us 2 Kennedy Airport and . . exito . . her new carry on is an acceptable carry on . . the bag’s wheels x tend b yond the bag-dimension testing box . . only half a wheel . . still having a hard time b lieving Target sells a bag . . so ltl b yond specs . . returning . . dinner in ltl Guyana . . Tropical Roti at the A Train Lefferts terminal . . unlike my 1st time . . eye got a how2eat roti demonstration . . ahhh . . all the gr8 flavor and less mess . . similar 2 Ethiopian food . . wonderful . . stepping through PABT . . . no waiting . . . my hot coffee in hand . . and . . eye was the subject of a citizen call to the police . . the caller he or she reported that eye was lying down on the sidewalk and . . . this is 1 of the reasons police r at a disadvantage when they arrive bc ppl like this caller makes a bull shit rpt he or she shud not make and 2 make his or her call seem more necessary . . he or she x aggerates . . if police de escalation training is effective it needs 2 b gin b4 the police arrive on the scene . . dear kind readers: @hanamjmdd on instagram has pics of r yesterday visit 2 TWA hotel . . a shud-b-unnecessary trip 2 Kennedy proved picturesque and fun . . sincerely, Tom Doody


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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