TWA lives

TWA was bankrupt and survived not even in name . . on anything ¿Really? . . nope Hana and eye r in the TWA hotel lobby w drinks NYC Kennedy Airport . . even the wifi domain name is retro “TWAsupersonicWIFI” . . Sixties cars in front and awesome restored curvy architecture . . there can’t b a lot of rooms and they’re probably x pensive and in short supply but pero but my beer is just oucho usd and . . . fun celebrity pics all round . . Beatles . . arriving Estados Unidos abt my birth yr ‘64 . . while eye’m enjoying this moment . . . fully . . kicking myself 4 rushing thru this airport and nvr even knowing TWA Hotel was here . . restored . . lovely . . fun . . ppl my age post on fb about these good yrs but pero but eye can’t w out mentioning advancements in openness of problems may b x emplified best by Oprah . . . subjects like domestic abuse and homosexuality . . the good ol’ days wr not that good and 2morrow’s ain’t as bad as it seems, -BJ . . eye return 2 here and now . . 2 people have their legs held up by cocktail tables as if they’re in private space . . that good ol’ day were btr on manners . .back in the day . . . no… body wud put their feet on tables in public . . dear kind readers: there is a poor-taste joke following . . w background 4 younger readers: TWA was an airline, twat was slang 4 woman’s vulva . . aka pussy . . Frank Gifort was a retired NFL player and TV celebrity, was married and caught having an affair w a TWA flight attendant viral b 4 viral means a joke passed vis-a-vis sincerely, Tom Doody B4 VIRAL JOKE: TWA flight attendant asks Frank if he’d like TWA coffee, and Frank replies: no, but eye’d like some of ur TWAT.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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