joy of the holidays

eye’m go ing 2 speculate on a relative’s current faculties . . and want 2 b sure eye’m not disclosing in name anything not suited 4 this format . . my aunts and uncles who r blood relatives include: Marylou, Helene, Jane, Helen, and Joe . . Joe married a long successful marriage and died w out direct descendants . . all the others married w direct descendants . . everybody’s dead . . including my mom and dad . . at my generation there is abt 30 of us descended fr these ppl and 1 of us . . has a medical condition eye don’t understand . . but eye b lieve w wat eye learned 2day this person can hear see and understand . . but can’t talk . . not sure . . yet eye got a passive affirmation that my email w pic and mp3 was an effective way 2 send holiday wishes . . since news of this person’s illness passed among us there was a sense . . . there’s nothing we can do . . of all these 30 ppl eye’m the youngest . . aka the baby of the family, and it’s nvr been my place 2 . . well . . . eye’m not a go2 person 4 anything . . after yrs of holidays passing . . eye did something . . and eye programmed 2 think feel and write w out needing affirmation 2 refuel more . . and eye’ll x press more in the yrs 2 come . . joy of the holiday’s is a twisted notion . . yet at this moment tapping away eye feel it . . this is wat joy of the holiday’s is supposed 2 feel like . . it’s black Friday FIFA USA ENG 0 0.


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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