horror y callousness

the manager who shot fellow employees bought his gun the day he used it 4 mass murder . . an employee who was supervised by the shooter had the camera on himself 4 abt 00.20.00 minutes and he posted someplace . . eye saw it on twitter when it was fresh . . the the camera angle was . . may b phone in selfie on his car looking up at his big black africano kinky beard . . he might have been bald or short cut on top . . black American fashionable and clearly popular . . the camera allowed him to talk w ppl and they were not aware he was recording . . the net is a 00.20.00 vid capturing the horror of a mass shooting mixed w the callousness . . . “Andre shot up the place” . . he’d tell ppl who were seeking more . . Dave was killed he told another combined w the woman’s account of realizing she had been vis-a-vis w the gunman not knowing it was her manager until the big-beard man tld her . . these moments also including ppl realizing: David . . janitor David . . cool Dave . . . the 1 w the corn rows was killed . . a moment heard the authentic shreaking cry of a woman learning how close her life was 2 ending and at whose hands along w the reality a friend . . cool David . . didn’t make it . . dear kind readers: if u were 2 find and watch this moments-after-Chesapeake-Walmar shooting vid . . u’d capture a potpourri of authentic high-trauma emotion intermingled w calousness of people in a country where mass shootings have long been something we understand and . . reluctantly accept . . my own mixed feelings r like the big-beard man vid . . eye causually carelessly tlk about 2 many mass shootings . . nvr reconciling my own feelins as eye surrender 2 my country not making any hopeul steps.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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