student gives 2 prof

this AM was a gr8 moment in cooking . . Esperanza who has been my cooking coach . . taking 911 calls . . ie . . Esperanza eye’m at La Roca and they have no curcuma . . . eye eat enough garlic in my own cooking which led me 2 a discovery . . the garlic in r barrio is not always good . . eye tear the bulbs apart by hand . . 5 bulbs at a time and . . . moving thru a 5 pack eye thot was good when eye bought it and . . damn . . a bad clove . . the gelatinized clove is hiding in an otherwise hard bulb of garlic . . all the people who cooked 4 me in almost six decades must have quietly tossed these bad cloves or somehow eye was not careful enough when eye purchased . . b more careful eye tld myself . . and still . . then Federico . . and his wife who left their grocery employment where eye knew each of them and opened their own . . Federico is the produce x pert and . . . not again . . the garlic has been 100% . . 2day Esperanza scored w Federico and 4 the 1st time . . the student has given pack 2 the professora


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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