FIFA luvs dictators

dear kind readers who like soccer: if ur not aware that the FIFA World Cup is in Qatar as a product of bribes . . then plz, eye’m begging; eye’ll do anything, por favor . . . take a few minutes and read watch some vids . . convincing evidence was collected by the US FBI, and it’s court-ready conclusive evidence . . in addition` there r bank records of bribe money, and more than zero whistle blowers . . plz . . understand and accept this w ur amigas and amigos who u watch soccer w . . eye’m not calling u 2 act . . eye’m not calling u 2 hate urself bc u like a sport w a dirty governing body . . just know this is true . . and . . and . . and enjoy the games . . at this moment MEX POL halftime 0 0 sincerely, Tom Doody . . the hardest thing 4 me on this FIFA luvs Qatar issue is choosing the villain, and the winner is FIFA . . the FIFA president makes a valid point . . the arrogance from the West starting w trafficked enslaved africans the West shud b apologizing 4 the nxt 3000 yrs . . good pt . . Qatar needs some time 2 soften on their notion homosexuality is criminal, and homosexuality should b broadly accepted including public fair respect and marriage equality . . good pt FIFA president . . but that does not absolve FIFA for knowing w much pre warning that the stadiums were 2 b build w trafficked abused laborers . . . . the FIFA pres on the eve of the opening held up a Qatar law prohibiting abuse of workers . . as if enforcement of the law b longed w Qatar and the corporations building the stadiums . . and not w happy pure FIFA . . dear kind readers: eye’ve done the following and eye ask u 2 consider: google or apple map satellite Qatar and look at the stadiums . . and the cities built around them . . all was only sand a decade ago . . abuse and death was a byproduct . . and FIFA shud have done btr . . sincerely, Tom Doody . . many Jewish Americans criticize the Israel government for its treatment of Palestinians . . . they r Jewish and naturally hate mistreatment of Jewish ppl . . . these Jewish Americans can fault a government w out b ing antisemitic . . . . soccer fans can do something similar . . fault and voice request 4 improvement of FIFA the governing body of soccer while enjoying soccer . . John Oliver’s report on Sunday claims FIFA prefers authoritarian regimes . . eye fact checked and Oliver is correct . . noteworthy 2 day w the death of Hebe de Bonafini who b came a famous activist as founder of Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo . . these woman acted against the authoritarian regime in Argentina and that same authoritarian dictator was lifted above horrible status by FIFA celebrating the dictator as World Cup host. . . in short John Oliver is correct . . FIFA luvs authoritarian regimes.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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