boyish charm

prob the most annoying thing abt me, which is foundational 2 several if not all of my broken relationships . . both important . . like my surviving son and daughter and former bosses who liked me enough 2 hire me and then unliked me . . . . also peripheral like schoolmates university mates . . fellow employees . . as my 1st marriage declined in health and finally crashed eye b came more introspective . . eye was in a class w abt 30 members of management in wat the plant el jefe maximo planned 4 us as team building . . the instructor was a chef . . . and eye was sooooo plzed 2 b there . . eye asked sooo many questions . . and the instructor more accustomed 2 random students who were seeking cooking classes on their own . . the instructor-chef did not know where 2 start w us . . so my questions were welcomed and encouraged . . . meanwhile . . my peers were sick of hearing me . . the instructor on a question eye asked abt garlic . . and why wud any1 bother roasting . . (decades ltr eye regularly slow cook garlic) . . . the instructor said . . he’d pay me 2b in his other classes bc my interruptions were helping him teach . . 1 of my peers reacted in opposition voicing how annoying eye was and the laughter from the whole class was in step w the objector . . the same scenario happened 2day digitally . . a comment on a grp where eye posted . . . my method 2 memorize all 32 FIFA World Cup teams . . . the affirmation eye got was from a newcomer who is not aware the consensus of the grp is: “omg . . don’t encourage him” . . . this annoying characteristic of me severed several may b many of my relationships . . . and eye can turn this characteristic down but not off . . . . . eye’ve realized since my dad’s death that he nvr had 2 reconcile w anything he did that repeatedly annoyed ppl . . many ppl who knew him fr childhood attended his memorial service and his sisters luved praised and encouraged him 2 the end . . he nvr got introspective . . iow Bill died w his unadulterated boyish charm . . ppl jumped from the Bill Billy train . . tho . . Bill nvr reconciled in any conspicuous way . . he used 2 say that person was not invited 2 his mythical party and since his boyish charm reliably breathed life in2 a party not b ing invited 2 Bill’s mythical party was punishment enough and Bill Billy advanced uninhibited . . as Helene said abt Martha: “she let Bill b Bill” . . times r more complicated and boyish charm rarely thrives from puberty 2 middle-age yrs . . my boyish charm . . lives in an augmented form and 2day it brought the . . crowd reaction: OMG don’t encourage him . . the OMG was silent . . eye’ll nvr know who and how many reacted this way . . 2 my grave eye’ll know the OMG reaction count was not zero

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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