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amigo: fresh fr the phone call w Deutsch Bank . . . eye wrote . . felt eye was done . . eye was’t . . the disrespect paid 2 me on the 00.35.00 phone call was worth asking 4 some1 to hear . . but like most situations like eye faced it’s personal and feels worse than it was . . requesting the call is listened 2 is enough . . sincerely . . eye rest. Topic dos: the error made in the wire was caused by Deutsch Bank . . this is my summary, pero but pero . . here’s what Deutsch Bank will claim: the information w the wire was not formatted properly . . here’s wat that means: ie. this is an x ample . . hypothetical not actual . . but it’s like the actual . . three fields 4 name first middle last . . . 1st field contains Thoms Brogan . . 2nd field is blank . . 3rd field says Doody . . the actual mis-formatting is no worse . . all the information was included and correct tho not in the correct field . . Deutsch Bank options given this mis-formatting: ONE: wait . . do nothing for a couple banking days TWO: rush on the first banking day return the wire THREE: rush on the 1st banking day take 35 USD and return the balance FOUR: put the 1000 USD through to the Chennai beneficiary account. Considering the four choices Deutsch Bank chose the worst of the 4 for both sides of the wire bankofamierica and their client in Chennai. For the 2nd time this evening . . . eye think eye’ve said all that needs 2b said from the sending side of this wire. ciao Tomás


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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