Deutsch Bank errored

amigo: a phone call btw me in New Jersey +13029902346 or + 12016409468 and Deutsch Bank professionals one named Vivik in Karnataka +12122502500 . . the call finished after 00.35.00 w the banker refusing to listen to me and hanging up w this txt eye request that thru a client of Deutsch Bank that a person at Deutsch Bank not on the call listen to the recording . . eye have no request in return . . only listen . . no reply to me requested . . . wat eye learned on the call is 2 things: ONE: all the information was correct and included both the correspondent bank infomation and the Chennai benficiary was included and correct . . TWO: bc the Chennai beneficiary bank info was not in the correct field a professional at Deutsch Bank decided to take 35 USD fee and return the balance to bankofamerica . . as a not-Deutsch Bank client eye’m outraged, which is not important . . as a Deutsch Bank client and x pected beneficiary that person has reason 2b outraged . . this is only the 1st bank day after the wire was sent . . and a professional at Deutsch Bank said all the info is here but not in the correct format so that person took a fee and returned the balance . . me w the help of bankofamerica did this correctly but Deutsch Bank errored . . . the nxt step must b fr a Deutsch Bank client bc my relatively high tolerance for b ing disrespected has reached its limit at the hands of Deutsch Bank . . the key information follows: call time: 4 PM fr: +13029902346 or +12016409468 to: Vivik in Karnataka Deutsch Bank +12122502500 wire tracking numbers: 410767366 and 0497672 beneficiary numbers USA: routing: 021001033 account: 60202034 India: swift: DEUTINBBPBC account: 000040897640019 ciao

amigo: matching the ¿Simplified? Deutsch Bank India USD wire instructions w the ¿Simplified? bankofamerica client wire form netted: domestic wire to: routing: 021001033 account: 60202034 and eye have spoken to a Githa at Deutsch Bank +1(212) 250-2500 who cannot find the thousand USD iow this is the worst possible problem bc the money w in Deutsch Bank takes 2 steps 1st to routing 021001033 account number: 60202034 and then to swift: DEUTINBBPBC account: 000040897640019 iow it seems impossilbe ur Deutsch Bank ppl in India will b able 2 find the money Tuesday India bank hours ¿Nxt? calling bankofamerica wire investigation . . ciao Tomás


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middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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