King Carlos

a cleaver headline declares Carlos of Spain the US Open King making him King Carlos . . . not King Carlos Tecero . . a different King Carlos . . . Carlos was on a promo and Hana and eye google-image searched his pic and knew of him prior 2the US Open in Flushing NY . . but nada mas . . . seems 2insiders Carlos was some1to watch . . 2me Carlos came fr no where . . my blogging is light on this month-long Iberian Peninsula vacation for three reasons: ONE: can’t reconcile fun on a vacation w the disclosure of marriage problems in this blog history TWO: Spanish . . . my Spanish studies have advance even while in this Portugues-speaking country THREE: our agenda is full . . we are out of our apartments about fourteen hours each day . . some basics like hygiene and laundry are fluid w the amount of traveling Hana and eye have done 2gether . . @hanamjmdd on instagram has our travel pics . . dear kind readers: plz, eye’m begging; eye’ll do anything, por favor . . find Hana’s pic of the sunset over the castle wall . . sincerely, Tom Doody . . it felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity . . we had 2skip the second final bus and stay late2catch the sunset and eye imagined the sun setting over the sawtooth wall . . we were on the narrow walkway of a wall of the same height as the 1in the pic and the sunset over farms w no obstructions except the castle wall in the foreground of the pic . . Hana’s creative process usually excludes all human suggestions . . w rare exceptions so having my input in this pic and having the pic plz both of us was a fun moment . . at this moment it will b hard to imagine 4getting that moment . . especially w the pic 2remind me . . . my Spanish advanced w a noteworthy milestone . . +61 Philippines Francisco Contreras eye’ve since learned is man who lives in Australia . . Fransisco voluntarily in my whatsapp grp w me and +52 Mexico Felix Paez as co admins along w r grp founder Abdulmalik of Nigeria . . Francisco voluntarily corrected my transcribed news . . it’s noteworthy for two reasons a Spanish-speaking person decided my transcrption was near enough 2 good 4a corrected version to b ez ly accomplished . . and in about a screen of text he made four corrections . . in addition there is a sense r whatsapp grp has the potential 2move people productively b yond survival-level Spanish . . w an ever-present fear of having 2file a missing-person report in a foreign country where eye don’t speak the local language or don’t speak the local language well . . . eye nvr split w Hana . . only rare exceptions like2day fetching a taxi and moving r heavy luggage on relocation day . . LX Factory is a hip shopping area outside Lisbon and as Hana went in and out of shops eye transcribed CNN Cinco Cosas while sitting on my yoga block relocating shop2shop . . it’s this not-collegiate-like learning environment where eye am advancing my Spanish . .

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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