Mets 1

baseball is the best spectator sport . . but pero but . . Hana thought it was boring and complicated . . . an uncommon choice for dinner Hana and eye found r selves in a Jersey City sports bar w many big screens and the primary 1for us had early innings of the NY Mets and some1else . . in addition to Hana giving MLB another chance three things made the game much easier 2 x plain: ONE: the nifty scoreboard complete w outs, count ¿Runners? including where . . and por supuesto score TWO: the strike zone visible on TV and not vis-a-vis THREE: eye changed balls and strikes to bad marks against the pitcher and bad marks against the batter . . . less vocabulary and more practical. nice dinner . . overstayed2c the game end . . Mets 1 and . . . the step Hana took to understanding and may b enjoy the game was . . awesome . . playoffs . . world series . . still on the horizon.


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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