in memory of KC

my gift 4 the thirteen yr old is ordered on ebay and on its way 2 my mailbox where it’ll wait till October when eye return fr Europe . . . the birthday girl understands it’s a picture book written by a woman whose first name is Maria José like hers . . . a loverly family gathering for a Cuenca Ecuador family of 12 kids now adults on both sides of my age . . . adult problems of competition and greed put siblings against one another in court . . eye’m not disclosing secrets about this family . . it’s a matter of public record . . with several dead and a social rift three men are scattered lv ing 2 women in SA and 4 tight and 2gether at the party 2night . . . the most emotional and fun lesson abt this family is jump rope . . a sm-twn family of 12 kids w a premature death of the dad . . . did not have luxuries like cars and bikes . . so jump rope was it . . and OMG can they jump rope . . . Caesar is the best 2day tho he’s also the youngest . . . and humbly accepts he was not always the best jumper . . the eldest of the party . . . setenta años jumped . . wat a gr8 moment 2 witness . . . my amiga Esperanza put some of the legal sibling claims in front of me early in r friendship . . so this happy kids jumping rope image was one eye cud not b lieve x isted . . but pero but . . it’s does . . gr8 fun . . . sometimes w proper mental health the only thing needed to replace a soiled image is a happy image and . . . 2nite that happened . . the cud-have-been famous Cuenca jumpers . . by chance Nirvana played when the grp reduced 2one table and no body cud say it was Nirvana . . x cept me . . eye tld my amiga abt Kurt and his premature tragic death . . . my thots turned 2 MTV unplugged: where did u sleep last night . . at this pt in my life it’s the most emotional music eye think of 1st . . deeply emotional . . . Kurt was a victim of his own hand yet his Amber-Herd-like overly-ambitious wife, Courtney Love, provided some of the pressure that broke Kurt . . and shotgun 2 his own head . . . game over . . where did u sleep last night . . w lilies and candles on the stage at Kurt’s request . . . like a funeral . . yep like a funeral Kurt said . . . it wasn’t but pero but eye feel it was Kurt’s final performance . . . when he walked off the stage of a sm intimate setting . . where he dialogued w the audience like he might have done b4 he was a rock star . . a taste of what Kurt longed 4 but could not retrieve . . a truly tragic death . . in memory KC.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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