Texas Chile Cuba

dear kind person at Mount Sinai: eye b lieve this org is also known at Mount Sinai Union Square and Mount Sinai Downtown: I’d like you to know about a widely known public health risk ur org continues by employing a man who had trouble w me 2day . . after eye was verbally assaulted by this man who is a member or ur org eye sent 3 ppl in 2get his name . . eye am a food delivery professional, and multiple members of ur org gave his name w out hesitation . . eye’d like 2c that ur org takes steps 2mitigate ur team members volatility and the risk he attaches 2ur org . . but eye do not want 2cause broader problems by doxxing his name here on the internet . . this man shares a family name with the most famous Senator of the gr8 state of Texas and he shares the given name of the most famous city of Chile . . this same given name is also the 3rd most famous city of Cuba . . . this man is a public danger and eye’d like 2tell my story . . . 2 make it easier . . now that ur’ve read u have a responsibility 2ur org 2do something . . a very simple presentation of this txt 2 members of ur door security concierge staff will quickly raise a series of problems and a risk of not mitigating the problem this man represents 2ur org . . . the ppl eye sent 2get his name also found this man’s pattern w me is chronic . . . u now know u have a known serial problem-causing member of ur staff, and it’s my purpose with this txt that this man gets help b4 he x ploads in a newsworthy way . . ur invited 2contact me . . Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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