marital refugee

in recent weeks in this blog eye described a problem at home that put me in crisis on Times Square, a night at JFK terminal 4, and sleeping for a week on a cot at home. It was effective . . . eye felt the sense eye cared for myself and quickly got out of crisis . . and felt eye had a sustainable plan . . resuming more normal times junto Hana and eye spent Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn sharing a bed, food meals shopping and doing all the things 2gether married couples r assumed 2b do ing 2gether . . consistent w r history wat eye wrote in this blog has not and will not b come a part of r marital conversation . . . in my time at JFK eye wanted to tell Hana about my cleaver AirTrain fair evasion . . eye did not fair evade eye passed thru the gates w the authorization of an employee to the Q10 bus . . dear kind readers who r familiar w the MTA NYC A train JFK AirTrain station: plz remember parts of the following and notice on ur nxt pass through the station. Sincerely, Tom Doody. . . most occasional travelers like me r embarking on International travel and these travelers know their schlepping on the A Train saves much money, so the 7.50 USD for the AirTrain seems like nothing . . . but pero but the airport employees don’t pay it . . they use the Q10 or other MTA airport bus and pay no additional money bc their subway fair comes w a free transfer . . eye was able 2use this AirTrain bypass feature . . but in hind site eye only realized eye faced zero suspicion bc eye did not have overnight luggage . . oddly eye was an overnight guest . . AKA marital refugee of the airport . . knowing wat eye now know of the station eye realize it’s part prison . . . only authority of an employee got me released onto the airport grounds and all others w out this special pass must pay for the airtrain . . really . . wall fences and prison like limits eye had not notice b4. . . Dear kind readers w exes and a current serial sexual relationship: u know . . or at least u think . . ur exes wud take at least a thimble full of pleasure knowing ur having relationship problems . . . w zero chance of any reader following my lead . .here’s my lead . . sincerely, Tom Doody. disclosing marital problems in a blog is harmless . . w personal recovery benefit 4me . .


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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