x treme de escalation

feeling personally recovered from my crisis that started my marital separation eye’m ready 2navigate the dangerous landscape and say more while realizing only part of the story is mine2tell . . . as far as the intensity of my marital moment that put me in crisis . . it’s was not Amber and Johnny . . it’s my hypersensitivity 2intensity that keeps r negative marital moments boring 2 spectators . . first: escalation George Floyd Derek Chauvin style . . GF: eye can’t get in the car . . DC: ok eye’ll choke u 2death . . this is x treme . . a more relevant is a viral Chinese vid where man bumps woman . . there was probably history that makes this so x plosive . . but the clip eye saw only starts w a gentle bump and then an escalation of a slightly harder bump fr woman 2man then the woman’s friend stands and lunges over the table trying 2punch the man . . nxt man drags woman outside by her hair and several men stand around kicking her LAPD-Rodney-King style . . . eye am so sensitive 2escalation . . hypersensitive . . mostly from my 1st marriage and much metal-health guidance . . recovery of the death of my 1st born son David also contributed to my ability to recognize and halt escalation . . . on 1occasion eye credit my halting escalation for saving my life or at least getting away no injuries in an NYC homeless me-on-bicycle dog confrontation . . this is part of my life w Hana and she wud say the most common word eye use in arguments is: ciao . . the moment that put me in crisis escalated 2quickly and AAA then BBB event B was already 2intense and eye stopped and left . . my crisis was real and my time on Time Square felt desperate . . eye was shaken . . the luxury of this blog is my reader count remains above zero but low, so in effect no body that spills in2 my vis-a-vis life reads my blog or admits2reading my blog . . as long as eye don’t double post on social media in effect my blog gives me relief that eye’m not secreting my crisis without noteworthy disclosure . . it appears my inhouse whatsapp-only separation is effective 2date . . Hana and eye spend time in the same room w out talking . . no greetings on arrival home or exit . . eye’m cutting 2 a week instead of the original plan of ten days so we’ll share r bed again Wednesday night . . eye told 2family members via ig msg . . . so my disclosure is not exclusively blog . . these 2family members descended from my grand parents and r married themselves . . imaging them reading wat eye’ve written about my inhouse whatsapp-only separation w an end date eye can imagine them saying or thinking, "eye didn’t know u cud do that" . . many couples can’t . . . don’t think Johnny and Amber cud as 1recording played in court included Amber not letting Johnny go . . she claim she knew he’d do drugs and she was stopping Johnny for his own good . . Hana and eye r peacefully passing through this time and at this moment in solitude Moynihan Train Hall after a 5.44 USD Blue Bottle pour over coffee . . it feels good and this week cud prove 2b a memorable and important wk in enjoying r Iberian vaca and enjoying the rest of r marriage . . in the simplest terms: ONE: x treme escalation is DC and GF aforementioned TWO x treme de escalation is wat Hana and eye r do ing this wk.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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