this txt continues a pledge to x plore the profiles of ppl who wished me happy birthday in January . . there were less than 52 of my birthday wishers so writing each Friday puts me on track to finishing . . when eye feel the pressure of the self-imposed deadline . . eye feel . . pressured . . but when eye b gin writing . . especially w Packy this pledge feels good . . Packy and eye have 50 common friends according 2facebook mutual friends w friendships tracing 2r common links of elementary school, prep school and university . . Monique of OSU seems 2know this genuine breath of fresh air Packy was reliably and she only met Packy in University . . it’s almost as if the years b 4 w Packy did not change a thing and all these other 50 mutual friends already knew the Packy Monique . . knew . . IOW Packy has stayed true 2himself and those who knew him pre-puberty Catholic elementary school as a family business leader or as a music promoter . . we all get an authentic Packy . . NFL offseason so there’s nada abt the Vikings 1of the teams most loyal fans . . the team cud lose infinite games w Packy cheering 4the nxt win . . Packy is a sustainable agricultural facilitator 4 USA peace corps . . impressive broad goals on the beautiful island of Jamaica . . Packy’s adopted country . . Mid West Reggae Fest . . studied Economics Latin and Astronomy at OSU . . ¿Really? OSU taught Latin . . currently lives in Venice Florida . . news2me . . . single . . . checkin Mirror Lake OSU . . gr8 old landscaped green space on Campus . . nice memories 4me of Mirror lake and Packy has been there post pandemic . . Packy’s bringing live music 2 a prison . . eye imagine this as a prisoner . . where music inside the walls wud b gr8 . . eye think of the famous Michael Jackson Thriller mass dance of prisoners of Cebu Philippines . . . this meeting also shows Packy’s persistence given the pandemic delay . . eye can’t help thinking a marriage after a Packy DJed wedding can’t live up2 the momentum . . Packy DJ weddings must b the best . . as eye paid4my coffee at Gregory’s NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel eye realized eye left my cards at home, so eye’ll return home putting a little added pressure to meet my day x pectations . . so this pause 2x plore and thank Packy feels good . . dear Packy: grazie4wishing me happy birthday in January . . . ur a steady breath of fresh air2many and eye feel the Packy breeze in NJ near the Lincoln Tunnel at this moment. Sincerely, Tom Doody middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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