eye’ve been fortunate to attract and retain a serial reader who comments occasionally and whose reading comprehension is awesome . . like so awesome if as a kid she applied her ability to school she’d have been leading the class w modest effort . . effort that others wud have seen as effortless . . her pseudonym is Erika and her interest in my blogging is relationships . . especially marriage, divorce, and parenting . . her most recent comment was on a disclosure that surprised her and she voice a sense my disclosure was x cessive . . some thoughts: ONE: Jeff Rubarkh now deceased called me to get me to remove txt from my blog . . he was especially pissed about one line that mentioned his name eye had lifted from his local newspaper . . Jeff had been arrested and his arrest w his accomplishes were featured mugshots on the front of his local Buck County Pennsylvania newspaper . . his drug addiction and criminal network were in the arrest records, news and he was pissed at ¿Me? TWO: Barry Manilow after b ing married to a man 4 abt 5 yrs came out to his fans . . marriage creates a public record, and he felt the moment had come to disclose in another form that he was gay THREE: David Bowie in his twenties disclosed a homosexual x perience . . tho David was heterosexual . . and lived b lieved monogomouse heterosexual marriage for the final four decades of his life . . FOUR: Alex Jones got confronted in court this wk in ways that felt good2me . . he declared the Sandy Hook mass murders real . . . and that nxt day he said on his show the judge in his case was a criminal pedofile . . eye guess my pt in all these cases is ¿Disclosure? is not what it used 2b . . . everybody knows . . but not everybody knows . . more than a half decades ago Senator Craig resigned after an arrest for soliciting gay sex in a Minnesota baño and he probably lives a quiet heterosexual life in his home state . . in my blog the best part is at least if a reader or a 2nd level reader learns something about me . . and . . and . . eye lived 2 have reason 2regret the disclosure . . at least the problem started in my moment of solitude . . undistracted . . thoughtful . . . eye only have myself 2blame or credit.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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