Kansas abortion

if the people of Kansas voting yesterday to keep abortion legal is a broader National indication, then SCOTUS was correct by pushing the abortion question to the states . . time has passed and while privacy was justified as a reason to approve Row the time since w the help of the internet told broadly private intimate stories . . eye’m able to understand btr the private decision a woman makes in Texas to get the abortion pill when it’s illegal in her state, and it’s bc NYTimes tells her story intimately on youtube . . . in addition to the internet allowing private stores to b told broadly the abortion pill is now available when b4 Row Wade it was not . . . x cept the crazy "heartbeat" and "a new life b gins at conception" religious ppl any other person who opens his or her mind to a self-managed abortion through the abortion pill will vote like the majority of Kansans voters yesterday.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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