España v. Shakira

my daily routine 4the purpose of improving my Spanish includes transcribing CNN Cinco Cosas and my ability to transcribe advanced and last night eye posted the Spain against Shakira story . . . . GL finding a jury2jail Shakira 4 financial crime España . . . eye posted my Shakira readable sentences in Whatsapp learn Spanish everyday grp founded by Abdulmalik of Nigeria and me Tom Doody as a co admin and +52 Mexico Felix Paez as another co admin . . my Shakira txt matched the audio and it was complete enough 2read . . so eye posted my mp3 reading my Shakira txt and a man in Haiti posted the same . . him reading my Shakira txt . . . ¿NBD? this milestone shows my text on this occasion was good enough to read and it had advanced from scattered words eye hear and can transcribe, but eye previously lacked the skill to transcribe readable translatable sentences . . in addition this Haiti man said my content is the only reason he’s stayed in the group . . eye sense my Spanish is slightly btr than the Haiti man so eye make a good instructor . . . humble error prone and persistent.

About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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