3 app busy

during the recent week eye got a bank account for an Indian founded business that temporarily had no bank account and w difficulties at several banks including bankofamerica wellsfargo capitalone bancopopular santander eye scored at Chase in addition last week got me active again w ubereats . . eye was suspended 4rules violation having accounts under multiple email addresses, eye appealed the rulling and bc the second account was created by instructions of an uber pro green light Queens NYC they reversed the closure, and Friday eye celebrated w at least one delivery on each of 3apps . . . eye don’t make more money this way but pero but having each app as a backup to the others is best . . . eye can deliver on another app if tech problems or suspension blocks me on 1 . . 3 delivery platforms feels btr than 1 . . . Midtown NYC Manhattan is also busy again likely Friday night fully pre pandemic busy including full hotels and intersections full of bikes and ebikes feeding the hungry


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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