Mike wished me happy birthday in January . . this txt continues my pledge 2 xplore the profile of the ppl who wished me happy birthday . . and this pause at Gregory’s Coffee in Newport near the Lincoln Tunnel New Jersey is my time4Mike . . while eye’ve made it my pledge to mention only wat’s on profile . . eye’ll start w something off . . mike is normal . . like back in the day normal . . he offers his phone number and answers his phone . . nice . . in retrospect eye wish we wr btr friends as we passed through school . . . six years sharing the same school but pero but nvr the same classroom . . in parentheses he calls himself another name, which eye google and top hits offer no clues why Mike uses that name . . Dio Loudness Anthrax kiss gladiators v Chicago Todd Rundgren . . 4got about Todd Rundgren and it seems 2day’s stations eye hear by chance have 4gotten abt Todd also . . Todd was pop . . it was only recently eye enjoyed heavy metal guitar . . when eye discovered the youtuber Andres Atunes . . it makes me feel letting bands like Kiss pass without embracing their music was my oversight . . Heavy Metal Glam Rock . . Rock . . where 1 genre ends and the other b gins is a mystery among loud electric guitar . . wondering . . . was Hendrix Heavy Metal . . don’t think Jimi thot so . . Purple Haze . . eye saw Jimi’s handwritten lyrics at Cleveland’s Rock n Roll Hall of Fame . . gr8 memory . . Kiss travelled in constume incuding makeup . . it took discipline that outsider wud think rockers don’t have . . . yet those same ppl wud not x pect Keith and Mick 2b alive . . 2day. my common friends w Mike all trace to Catholic pre-puberty school . . . nice memories and of the collections of online groups eye’m in . . . this grp seems most hungry4 nostalgia . . Dear Mike: grazie 4the birthday greeting in January and sharing our mobile NYC CLE lunch recently . . Sincerely, Tom Doody


About Tom Doody

middle-age American living in New Jersey near the Lincoln Tunnel
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